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E-commerce Era Is Reshaping the Logistics Way to a Paramount of Handling Complexity with New Technology

As the eCommerce industry was worth $39 billion in 2017 and by 2020 it may cross $120 billion which is a massive growth happening in the sector, the bi-product of this growth has brought great growth opportunities for 3PL service providers, warehouses and courier services across India.

Both logistics and e-commerce Sectors always have been complimenting each other since the beginning of e-commerce in India. The continues business growth that the e-commerce industry in the recent years, it is generating several logistics scope of works and opportunities like the retail goods movement, warehouse storage, e-commerce order processing with new-age tech-enabled logistics infrastructure within India. With the network of warehouse facilities across India, a team of logistics technology experts and experienced logistics managers Warehousing Express has experienced a continues growth journey with the e-commerce sector, in return Warehouse Express has ensured that it's clients businesses reach in all possible locations in India and helped them expand the base with cost-effective and quality customer service.

The huge customer demand and orders are both a challenge and an opportunity. For e-commerce players, its an opportunity however for Logisitcs players like Warehousing Express the challenge of the e-commerce industry is a business opportunity. The 80% of e-commerce shoppers want the same day delivery of products which they buy online and about 50% of them are ready to pay extra for quick delivery and here comes the opportunity for the logistics industry. With the digital logistics solutions and live tracking technology, Warehousing Express supports the e-commerce businesses to reduce delays in shipping, freight transfer, tracking the courier packets and so on with the visibility within logistics operations. The fast-paced digitization of logistics and warehouse services has simultaneously enabled the stakeholders to gain greater visibility, control, transparency and quick decision making in the logistics processes.

There are some major e-commerce players who are adopting cutting-edge approaches to make their pricing models cost-effective for current and upcoming proprietary services. There are also some logistics aggregators like, are helping the smaller players to make a difference and helping to connect e-commerce and logistics sectors with various competitive options.

eCommerce Orders processing

Post Date/Time:-07/05/2021 at 4:40 PM adds a competitive edge for logistics service providers and e-commerce platforms both. offers better control over costs and making logistics operations more credible. It has tie-ups with a number of warehousing, transport and courier partners to provide the ‘economies of scale’ advantage to its clients and enable them to expand their reach nationally and globally without facing very high service costs. Moreover, helps businesses improve the overall customer experience by ensuring the SLA bases performance. Aggregators like us provide in-depth insights into the overall logistics operations and enable the businesses to keep a tab on their reports to take quick decisions to streamline operations.

The advantage of digital technologies in logistics and eCommerce is transitioning the future possibilities where the key players will tap on the unique consumer needs. The best part with Warehousing Express is that the developments in technology and automation are continuously improving the delivery operations and making the logistics operations all the more robust and effective.

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