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What is Warehouse Automation and Technology: Understanding the Basics

Warehouse automation is an emerging trend in the industry; it helps businesses remain competitive and efficient. With the right technologies, practices, and strategies in place, businesses can reap great rewards.

Warehouse automation refers to the use of automated systems and technologies to streamline labour-intensive tasks.Automated warehouse systems can include everything from WMS software to automated storage, retrieval, picking, packing, and shipping systems. Utilizing these technologies can increase the speed and accuracy of inventory management and order fulfillment operations. Additionally, it can also help with reduced labor costs, improved productivity, greater safety, and a better customer experience.

Potential to Grow

To cater to different business needs, Warehousing Express always ensures a buffer space in all its warehouses to support sudden growth of the businesses without any hassle to shift.

Connectivity to Cities

All our warehouses in India are located closer to cities with proper transport and connectivity.

Support any size requirement

Warehousing Express provides warehouses with a minimum of 500 sq ft area and the size can be as large as client business preference and business needs.

Professionals with Digital Tools

With Warehousing Express's Digital transformation and with experts professional in all warehousing facilities, we assure businesses a professional service.

Warehouse Automation and Technology

Discovering the Benefits of Warehouse Automation Solutions

There's no denying the fact that warehouse automation solutions offer an abundance of benefits to businesses and boost their bottom lines.

Let's tap into the benefits of automated technologies:

Organized Storage Space

Organized Storage Space

With automated warehouse management systems, warehouses can be set up in a way that allows for optimal use of space and the efficient movement of goods. Automated warehouses can be designed to facilitate the flow of material, reducing the need for space-consuming manual processes, and increasing the efficiency of operations. It also helps reduce the risk of damage to goods by ensuring they are placed in the right location.

Manpower Management

Manpower Management

The use of automated technology reduces the need for manual labor, allowing businesses to save on labor costs and improve the safety of workers. It can help reduce the number of workers needed to pack and unpack goods, and can also help reduce the risk of accidents due to human error.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

By leveraging industry-leading technologies, businesses are able to better manage their inventory by receiving accurate and up-to-date information on stock levels. Automated systems can also help businesses identify potential problems with inventory and take corrective action accordingly. This allows businesses to be more responsive to customer demand and reduce the costs associated with overstocking or understocking of products.

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Warehouse Automation: Achieving Success and Dealing with Challenges

It goes without saying that warehouse automation is an increasingly popular trend in the logistics and supply chain industry, and with good reason. It can optimize processes, increase accuracy, and reduce costs. However, it is not without its challenges. Warehouses must ensure they have the right infrastructure and resources in place to support the automation, although it can also be challenging to ensure successful implementation and integration. Nonetheless, when done correctly, warehouse automation can lead to significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings, making it a worthwhile endeavour.

Here's how one can overcome challenges associated with automation in warehouses:

Step to overcome challenges automation in warehouses

Invest in a Scalable Solution

Automate Data Collection Practices

Optimize Receiving, storage, picking, & shipping processes.

Integrate With WMS Software

Conduct Cycle Count

Hire Experts

Step to overcome challenges automation in warehouses

Tried-and-Tested Tips for Reducing Warehouse Automation Issues

To ensure automation is successful, enumerated below are some tried-and-tested tips that can help reduce automation issues.

  • Identify areas that could benefit from automated systems, and then research and test the best automation solutions for each area.
  • Streamline processes and ensure that data is collected and stored in a single, centralized system.
  • Invest in user-friendly technology and provide adequate training for staff on how to use the equipment and maintain it.
  • Implement preventive maintenance protocols to ensure that all machines are properly maintained and functioning at their optimal levels.
  • Utilize real-time analytics to monitor the performance of your automation systems and identify potential issues before they become a problem.
  • Make sure to invest in quality automation equipment and ensure that it is regularly serviced and updated with the latest software.
  • Ensure that your workers and employees are well trained in safety protocols and that they understand how to safely interact with the automated equipment.
  • Invest in quality control systems to ensure that the facility is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Utilize warehouse management systems and software to optimize the labour-intensive tasks and reduce errors.
Reducing Warehouse Automation Issues

Warehousing Processes That Gain Advantage from Automated Technology

Automated technology has revolutionized the way warehouses operate, allowing them to increase efficiency, accuracy, and productivity while reducing costs. Warehouse automation has become a key component of modern warehousing processes, allowing them to gain a competitive advantage in the market. By automating manual processes, warehouses are able to reduce labor costs, increase accuracy, and reduce the time it takes to complete tasks.

Let's take a look at the warehousing processes that benefit phenomenally from state-of-the-art technologies.

Advantage from Automated Technology


Leveraging technology solutions can help speed up and streamline the receiving process. By using automated warehouse systems, such as RFID scanners, a warehouse can track incoming shipments and accurately receive and record items in a more efficient manner. This technology also eliminates errors associated with manual receiving processes.


To accurately process returns, it is imperative to have the right solution in place. By using automated systems, such as barcode scanners, a facility can easily and quickly identify returned items and process returns in a timely and efficient manner.


The potential of warehouse automation solutions helps streamline and optimize the putaway process. By using mobile robots or automated guided vehicles (AGV), a warehouse can quickly and accurately place items in their designated locations in the storage facility. This technology eliminates the need for manual labor and reduces the time and effort associated with the putaway process.


Automated technology solutions are increasingly implemented to improve the accuracy and speed of the picking process. By using technologies like voice-activated picking or pick-to-light systems, a warehouse can accurately and quickly identify and pick items for orders.


To improve the speed and accuracy of the packing process, it is important to utilize industry-leading technologies. By employing systems, such as robotic packing machines, a warehouse can quickly and accurately pack items for orders.


Now it is easier to manage shipping, logistics, and transportation operations, thanks to the latest technological advancements in the industry. By using automated systems, such as automated shipping systems, a warehouse can quickly and accurately process shipment orders.

At All Our Warehouses Across Geos

At all our warehouses across geos
  •  IP based CCTV Cameras
  •  Intrusion Alarms at all facilities
  •  Automated eMHEs

Our Live Logistics Tech-systems

Our live logistics tech systems
  •  Arrange a pick-up
  •  Document imaging system
  •  Auto-generated reports

Various Value Added Services

various value added services
  •  RF security tags
  •  Barcode scanning
  •  MRP Printing

Types of Warehouse Automation Solutions and Technologies

Types of Warehouse Automation Solutions and Technologies

Warehouse automation solutions and technologies are rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly prevalent in warehouses and distribution centers around the world. Automation technology can be divided into two main categories, hardware and software automation. Hardware automation includes robots, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and inventory management systems. Software automation includes warehouse management systems (WMS), radio frequency identification (RFID), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and order management systems. Automated technologies can significantly improve warehouse efficiency, accuracy, and reduce costs. These solutions help reduce labor costs, improve accuracy and throughput, and increase safety. Automation technology is transforming the warehouse industry and opening up new possibilities for businesses of all sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+How can you monitor my inventory levels in your warehouse?

When work is underway and items are done, we retain a record of your raw material. Our system tracks when the customer purchases every product, where it is on our premises, and when more is to be ordered. All these data are frequently updated. One of two typical approaches can be used to conduct an inventory evaluation. One is a count of cycles. This implies that a summary of your inventory manually counts to ensure thoroughness in your system. This is usually done every day or every week.

Warehouse slotting is an important procedure in warehouse management. Warehousing service in Delhi is a warehousing process in which inventory data is first examined to be classified and then arranged across the warehouse. WMS is utilized to aid in determining the optimal location for inventory placement.

We utilize cloud storage and configurable hosting switches with automated backups regularly to protect data from any potential threats.

We1.Tech Warehouse management software India works on BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and DR (Disaster Recovery) procedures regularly to ensure 0% data loss and 100 percent availability of the applications built and maintained by We1. Tech Warehouse management software India.

For data security, we use encryption and a rigorous procedure.

+What exactly is the distinction between cross-docking and warehouse storage?

A cross-docking method uses the best transportation and technology to produce a JIT (just-in-time) delivery procedure, whereas traditional warehousing companies in India need a distributor to have stockpiles of items on hand to ship to your clients. Products are removed from inbound trailers and immediately loaded into outgoing carriers during cross-docking procedures.

The cross-docking technology does not necessitate the storage of items in a warehouse. This choice proved to be the most cost-effective alternative for the majority of organizations. To function methodically and effectively, a cross-docking facility's strategy and choices must be flawless.

A Warehousing Express is a large structure used to store products. Distributors, producers, exporters, transportation companies, dealers, and authorities, among others, utilize warehouses. They are massive structures found in industrial zones and on the periphery of towns and cities, generally near the countryside.Loading docks are commonly found in shipping warehouses and aid in the loading and unloading of products directly from shipping ports, railroads, and airports. They have a swarm of jacks and forklifts to transport items, which are typically stacked on ISO standard pallets stacked onto pallet racks.

As we can see, warehouses and cross-docking have diverse applications, benefits, and drawbacks. Cross-docks are secure, robust, and quick. Furthermore, warehouses are obsolete, and cross-docking is the foundation of shipping and inventory management.

+Would my orders be automatically routed to your warehouse, or will this be a manual?

We receive your orders through an automated process. Automated inventory control refers to the use of processing technologies to handle orders more quickly by reducing manual labour. Order processing robotics assist to decrease human error, increase operational efficiency, and eventually speed up the fulfilment and shipping process. A completely automated inventory control system interacts with an online shop, or even several sales channels, and processes and validates requests as they are recommended.

All orders can be tracked from a single portal, making it easy to keep track of inventory, order progress, and changes in one location. Customers are the foundation of any business, including the warehousing industry . The distribution channel of the firm is critical for sustaining the customer relationship. We1.Tech, a warehouse management software India company, has created software that aids in the generation of passes for any outgoing transactions, which are then stored in the warehouse management application for better reference, rendering outbound logistics more efficient.

A most important key feature of warehousing services is: To decrease response time, clients can reserve automobiles within the login page and provide instant cost approvals. Clients may submit bulk orders, monitor live SLA execution, PODs, SOPs, and conduct online supply chain inspections in any warehouse, as well as obtain numerous data based on their business needs. **

Warehousing Express Logistics Pvt Ltd. is a third-party logistics business that operates warehouse transportation, inventory management, reversible logistics, end-to-end supply chain and provides all the bespoke logistics solutions to customer requirements. Our team of consultants delivers tech-enabled 3PL services to a wide range of sectors such as textiles, solar power, health care, pharmaceutics, sustainable consumer, FMCG, IT, telecoms, food grains, supplements, automotive, e-commerce, and more.

+How claims for damaged pallets are handled?

With the effective management of WMS and reverse logistics services, the movement of surplus, damaged, or unneeded resources, goods, or equipment is a seamless operation. With real-time monitoring measures, Warehousing Express reverse logistics solutions improve your distribution network to maximize asset retrieval at much lower costs.

The management of the CFA warehouse space involves multi-direction thinking and vertical thinking. All available vertical space saves expenses so that warehouse design is more economical. In terms of operational efficiency, all the proper storage solutions can excel. The first stage is to detect and analyze apparent damage. In the involvement of the driver, the contents should be checked. Smartphones are an excellent way to take pictures of items.

Submitting your claim will help with the proper collection of paperwork and proof. You can make a claim for up to 9 months, 15 days, or only 3 days according to the carrier. Learn and do not defer the regulations, treaties, and policies around your providers and broken carriers. If a claim is not submitted in the timeframe, it is rejected. If the whole cargo is ruined and unsecured, reject. If the damage is minor, accept the entire package or risk being saddled with the carrier's heavy storage fee.

+What happens if there is a discrepancy in inventory count between the warehouse and good owners?

Whether human mistakes or procedural faults can cause discrepancies mostly, yet, it should be remembered that additional reasons for inconsistencies are not included here and may rely on the business and the technique used to stock data. Some common discrepancies are like Incorporation of data during the reception, inadequate management of destructed and returned inventories, mixing stocks, loss of stocks due to robbery. A human error occurring during inventory.

The inventory to safely and correctly system is not updated with the incorrect measurement unit. Goods that were improperly labeled were misreported, inventory management human errors. Mismanaged returns are another place wherein inventory discrepancies might occur. If the returned items are improperly categorized and sent to the stock, the return is recorded inaccurately. Effective inventory monitoring helps to facilitate the return of items more smoothly and enough staff training is needed before items are placed back into stock.

In case of a discrepancy in inventory count between the Warehousing Express and good owners, we offer re-organization of reverse door-to-door transportation, back to stock/back to customer facility, packing procedure, and secure transport. We repair and recheck your goods. We inspect the reporting so that you can get the best service from us. We prioritize your business. **

The happiness of our customers is our main concern and our reverse supply chain solutions reflect this. Customers can rely on our team of professionals and technology to provide their company with the best reverse supply chain solution. We have a staff of experts in logistics who understand your company. Warehousing Service Gurgaon guarantees great safety and meets the fundamental needs of dependable reverse logistics. We are aligned with an effective, transparent, and secure custody chain in our reverse logistics solutions.

With our years of expertise in the field of technology, support, and value-added solutions, we are an important participant in the reverse logistics management industry. The excellent performance and timely white handle recovery, with a range of adjustable service choices, are obtained from each of our clients.

+What Industry are you specialized in?

A warehouse is a goods storage facility. Lager is used by producers, importers, traders, retailers, freight forwarders, authorities, etc. In industrial parks in the edge of town, urban communities, or villages, they are generally big flat buildings.Receiving and processing incoming stock and supplies, picking and filling orders, transport and storage orders, or maintaining, sorting, and recovering goods in the warehouse are all examples of industrial warehouse tasks.

Craft beers are an important component of the supply chain and keep machinery and materials until they are ready for delivery to stores, outlets, pharmacies, and online supplies.

Usually, the warehousing services have docks for loading and unloading goods. Warehouses are often constructed to load and unload goods directly from trains, airports, and seaports. They frequently have cranes and gateways for transporting goods, which are normally put onto pallets on optical Disc pallets.

Warehousing Express is specialized in various industries like the pharma health industry, apparel, and lifestyle, food and beverages, Entertainment and, and gaming, telecom and solar, fitness and sports, power grid and, energy, inverters and semi-conductors, publishing and records and, engineering and electrical, chemicals and oils, retails and e-commerce also mining and minerals. **

Warehousing Express is specialized in various industries like the pharma health industry, apparel, and lifestyle, food and beverages, Entertainment and, and gaming, telecom and solar, fitness and sports, power grid and, energy, inverters and semi-conductors, publishing and records and, engineering and electrical, chemicals and oils, retails and e-commerce also mining and minerals. **

The firm operates in 23 storage facilities in India. They had a wide network of retail and distribution partnerships across segments of their products: laptops, desktop hard drives, TV, tablets, etc.

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