As an On-demand warehouse service provider, we offer flexible storage services for any duration and any size. Our team of professionals ensures quality service and tech-enabled warehouse spaces. Many customers looking for an on-demand warehousing company for rent often find Warehousing Expres's most affordable and professional.

Warehousing Express also offers On-demand warehouse storage spaces at 26+ major cities across India. We are among the top On-demand warehousing companies in India with a large network of warehouses across the nation.

Warehouse Management & Storage Services

Warehousing Express is a top notch warehouse management company in India. We offer different types of warehouse management services depending upon one’s requirement. We offer fully operational warehouse space to small as well as big businesses. Get the best warehouse management solutions at best prices.

Here are few warehouse management services offered by us.

Shared Warehouse Space

Warehousing Express offers the shared warehouse space in India, i.e;multi-user warehouse facilities which is a cost-effective solution, as the customers pay us only for the space utilized and the services taken from us. We also have a bunch of comprehensive value-added, live inventory visibility & reporting services for the customer's looking to have a Distribution of goods from multiple locations according to the changing market requirements for the distribution.

Dedicated Warehouse Space

Warehousing Express offers warehousing solutions tailored to customer's specific requirements. Our team of professionals have created many digital, innovative, achievable and easy to manage solutions for customers who wish to outsource their dedicated warehousing activities. We focus on continuous improvement and development of our affordable digital and technology reach to the core businesses.

Ambient Warehouse

Warehousing Express offers warehousing solutions according to cargo needs. Our solutions include Management and Operations of distribution centers with designs, fit-outs and construction of warehouses. Our technology solutions are designed for the error-free receipts, storage and order processing along with inventory management, pick up, packaging and dispatches for ambient cargo.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse

Warehousing Express offers solutions for cargo that need temperature-controlled warehousing. For these kinds of special requirements, we co-invest in building the infrastructure as per client business requirements and help them meet all specific timelines and regulatory requirements for receipts, storage, order processing, inventory management, pick up, packaging and dispatches as per the "temperature specifications".

Excise Bonded Warehouse

Warehousing Express manages and operates custom bonded warehousing and distribution centers. Where payment of duty is usually deferred until the goods leave the warehouse. The Custom Bonded warehouses are ideally required by the customers with compatible import and distribution channels. We provide them comprehensive logistics services on a flexible short, medium on a long term basis.

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