4PL,3PL and type of logistics service providers

4PL,3PL and type of logistics service providers


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 Raw Material Transportation

 One of the fastest growing sectors, globally

 Efficient logistics can cut down expenses

 Reducing transit wastage another vital focus area

4PL,3PL and type of logistics service providers

The 3PL (third-party logistics) services is not a new concept, but the 4PL (fourth-party logistics) services are the picture... Here are the details of all types of logistics service providers who are part of the entire supply chain spectrum like distribution, warehousing, transportation and procurement management.

1PL (first-party logistics) services...

The 1PL (first-party logistics) service providers transport cargo, freight, goods or merchandise, who are either Sellers-cargo sender (like a manufacturer delivering to customers) or Buyers-cargo receiver (like the retailer picking up cargo from a supplier). In this arrangement, the entire logistics and distribution process is managed internally by the business.

2PL (second-party logistics) services...

The 2PL (second-party logistics) service providers manage the transportation part of the supply chain and manage the company’s goods from one location to another. 2PLs mostly provide transportation services via leased or their owned vehicles. They also sign Contracts for transport freight. A logistics provider that only transports goods over a certain part of the supply chain could also be classified as a 2PL.

  •  Inventory storage and management
  •  Picking and packing
  •  Freight forwarding
  •  Shipping/distribution
  •  Customs brokerage
  •  Contract management
  •  IT solutions
  •  Cross-docking
4PL,3PL and type of logistics

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4PL (fourth-party logistics) services...

A 3PL service provider directly manages the warehouse, logistics and distribution of all types of companies. With Warehousing Express, these services are part of our client's all supply chain management functions, including:

6) Flexible storage & BTS solutions: Whether it is a long term or short term warehouse storage requirement or closed warehouse space or an open yard for placing the inventory or parking of trucks, when it comes to land, our flexibility to cater all needs changes the customer experience and saves a lot of their time for hunting for such solutions with different providers or property owners, industrial & warehousing businesses are demanding flexibility due to highly variable business conditions. Businesses want the ready scope for expansion at a single location to add land or space if additional needs arise, like a seasonal rush or a sudden sales boost. Warehousing Express can take care of such business complexities and challenges.

Warehousing Express's digital logistics systems and WMS are capable of live updates of all stages of the warehousing and distribution supply chain, real-time tracking of cargo from origin to destinations.

With the help of or state of the art new technology solutions and real-time data availability, the supply chain managers can make quick and more intelligent decisions, leading to a great experience as well as reduced costs and increased speed of delivery.

At our warehouse and distribution centers, we deploy a lot of these systems, to ensure benefits for our clients and employees to deliver a great experience with our expertise.

Get in touch at info@warehousingexpress.com or call us at 9015176971.

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The 3PL (third-party logistics) services is not a new concept, but the 4PL (fourth-party logistics) services are the picture. Read more

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