At Warehousing Express, we manage all complex sequences in the distribution processes of the inverters and semiconductor supply chain. There are multiple supply chain steps like materials sourcing, transportation of tiny parts, dust-free and moisture-free warehouse storage, hazardous materials warehousing like batteries and high-value sensitive goods handling, chip and processor assembly and QC testing etc.

We support said businesses with warehousing, distribution and last-mile delivery to end customers. These days with the rising consumer awareness in the backdrop of reduced conventional sources of energy, businesses are trying to explore different opportunities to thrive in this largely untapped market. And Solar is the answer to a sustainable future. Many large companies have started trading and producing solar inverter and storage solutions. The lighting and electronics industry is also procuring huge quantities of semiconductors to produce less power consuming goods.

However, the industry - despite having immense growth opportunities - offers a number of challenges, like damage-free warehousing and transit, semiconductors industries have a very high number of tiny SKUs and sensitive products at the desired location without lapsing on accuracy and deadline etc. Warehousing Express always looks for to offer exceptional Contract logistics solutions to facilitate smooth business operations.

WELPL is a leading inverter, semiconductor, batteries and solar logistics service provider in India with a proven track record of delivering high quality, customized solutions. We understand the need for developing a lean supply chain system to ensure higher business productivity, flexibility across all stages. We are driven by future-ready technologies and have one of the finest networks that provide high-quality services.

Leveraging on WELPL‘s active presence across India, businesses can seamlessly set up multiple storage points for faster deliveries across any desired location in the country.

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