Engineering & Electrical

As the demand for Contract logistics and warehouse space in the Electrical and Engineering sector is ever increasing due to swift technology upgradations and latest groundbreaking engineering solutions, Warehousing Express manages the strategically located warehouses, a network of trained employees, service providers and a proven record of accomplishing electrical and engineering logistic services on-time with the highest-grade quality control system in place, state of the art packaging and repacking system.

We also have a technology controlled and transparent reverse digital logistics expertise, we can help any company facing logistical challenges in the electrical and engineering vertical.

WELPL leverages on its nation-wide presence to provide a range of storage, handling, distribution solutions that provide significant cost-saving opportunities to clients throughout the value chain.

Our unique solutions such as direct shipping to desired stores save a client's time and money both; therefor we facilitate a seamless operational efficiency. We use future-ready technologies and digital infrastructure to provide on-time deliveries, faster and priority customer support and reduced inventory level.

Here are our key services offerings for Electrical and Engineering segment:

  • Onsite or offsite packing
  • Next-day air delivery
  • Second-day air delivery
  • Ground transportation for small shipments
  • Super-saver pallet shipping
  • Delivery with unpacking and putting in place onsite or client premises

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