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On Demand Warehousing & Fullfillment Company in India


As an on-demand warehouse service provider, we offer flexible storage services for any duration and any size. Our team of professionals ensures quality service and tech-enabled warehouse spaces.


Warehousing Express is a top-notch warehouse management company in India. We offer different types of warehouse management services depending on one's requirements. We offer fully operational warehouse space to small as well as big businesses. Get the best warehouse management solutions at the best prices.


To cater to different business needs, Warehousing Express always ensures a buffer space in all its warehouses to support sudden growth for businesses without any hassle.


Warehousing Express provides warehouses with a minimum area of 500 sq ft, and the size can be as large as the client's business preferences and needs.


With Warehousing Express's digital transformation and with experts in all warehousing facilities, we assure businesses a professional service.


“All their warehouses in India are located closer to cities with proper transport and connectivity. Working with WELPL was a wonderful experience, they helped us streamline our supply chain operations, including storage and transportation..”


As an on-demand warehouse service provider, we offer flexible storage services for any duration and any size. Our team of professionals ensures quality service and tech-enabled warehouse spaces. Many customers looking for an on-demand warehousing company for rent often find Warehousing Express's most affordable and professional.

Warehousing Express also offers on-demand warehouse storage spaces in 26+ major cities across India. We are among the top on-demand warehousing companies in India, with a large network of warehouses across the nation.

Warehouse Management and Storage Services

Warehousing Express is a renowned warehouse management company in India. We offer different types of warehouse management services depending on one's requirements. We offer fully operational warehouse space to small as well as big businesses. Get the best warehouse management solutions at the best prices.


Warehousing Express offers shared warehouse space in India, i.e., multi-user warehouse facilities, which is a cost-effective solution as the customers pay us only for the space utilised and the services taken from us. We also have a bunch of comprehensive value-added, live inventory visibility, and reporting services for customers looking to have the distribution of goods from multiple locations according to changing market requirements for the distribution.


Warehousing Express offers warehousing solutions tailored to customers' specific requirements. Our team of professionals has created many digital, innovative, achievable, and easy-to-manage solutions for customers who wish to outsource their dedicated warehousing activities. We focus on the continuous improvement and development of our affordable digital and technology reach for our core businesses.


Warehousing Express offers warehousing solutions according to cargo needs. Our solutions include the management and operation of distribution centres, including designs, fit-outs, and the construction of warehouses. Our technology solutions are designed for error-free receipts, storage, and order processing, along with inventory management, pick-up, packaging, and dispatches for ambient cargo.

Experience World-Class Warehousing with WELPL, and Watch Your Business Grow with Integrated Supply Chain Solutions!

Warehousing Express Strategizes Supply Chain Processes With New Improvements

Warehousing Express Strategizes Supply Chain Processes With New Improvements


The client was facing a lack of visibility and proper routing of parts, resulting in the production line getting shut down and disruption in the automotive supply chain system.


The client has hired Warehousing Express for efficient transportation and to lower down the expensive costs of material handling.


Warehousing Express optimize automotive parts visibility and has made significant upgrades to its transportation efficiency. The company has cut down several intermediaries and strategized smart planning to make automated methods affordable.


Warehousing Express provided a phased implementation plan to the client that helped implement improvement initiatives based on the prioritisation of key metrics at the facility. Moving forward with the same ideas and thoughts, Warehousing Express is smartly applying all these strategies together to provide customers with convenience in departments like material handling.

Warehousing Express Strategizes New Improvements

Warehousing Express is India's fastest-growing corporation in the warehouse automation domain. It has an extensive network of tech-enabled warehouses in India that cater to the requirements of various verticals. The automotive aftermarket domain is not only a buzzword today but is emerging as a major component of the supply chain for businesses dealing with the manufacturing, distribution, and installation of vehicle parts, equipment, and accessories.

To offer the best facilities and services, some major steps taken by the organization are as follows:

The organisation has worked immediately and exceptionally on areas like managing convenient routes for trucks, transmitting data to the plant to alert them, and if any problem arises, conveying the information to the client with immediate effects.
It is extremely important to adapt and innovate to get growth in the business. Warehousing Express let its client know about this strategy and the importance of prioritizing strategic automotive logistics solutions.

In the automated aftermarket domain, material handling equipment plays a very important role, as these systems ensure efficient transport of material from one place to another. To make this entire process easy, smooth, and convenient, Warehousing Express has strategized an upgrade in the handling process with a new phased implementation plan. This magnificent strategy works efficiently for clients' initiatives and is based on the prioritisation of key metrics at the facility.

Automated material handling (AMH) is revolutionary because it cuts down on human errors. Hence, it is way better than manual methods of material handling. Upgraded robots and other advanced computerised devices equipped with high-quality digital technology and tools can ease the huge burden and pressure of moving, lifting, pulling, pushing, storing, and retrieving goods and products.

The organisation provides a wide range of warehouse spaces suitable for any type of business. Starting from 500 sq. ft. onward, the unlimited range goes up to any dimension according to the customer's demand and requirements. Variants in different formats are available equipped with different types of facilities and upgraded digital technology and safety features, depending on the budget of the user.

Introduced stringent quality reporting for smooth visibility

Automated storage systems have been known in the business for several years, but the way this renowned organisation has updated smart tools, techniques, and digital safety features in this segment is absolutely remarkable and commendable.

In the newly planned implementation in the handling segment, Warehousing Express has also added some other major facilities, including bolted selective rack and high-density push-back racking. The organisation is changing the entire dynamics of the material handling process with these amazing implementations, and in the future too, it will be dedicated to providing proper engineering solutions to everyone. The dedication is very strong, and implementations are continuously going on in the future to improve new substantial projects. Warehousing Express is the best name in the business for all warehousing solutions, and their services are not going to disappoint you in any manner.

Experience of more than 15 years

Started in 2006, their contributions have also been up to the mark, and hence, they have successfully attracted businesses to join them and be a part of their success story. An experienced organisation properly knows how to control work management and what the actual requirements of different clients are.


“With improved supply chain visibility and comprehensive development in the handling process with the subsequent efforts of introducing automated techniques, the client promised to bring new projects and deals with Warehousing Express.”

warehouse in India

How Logistics Outsourcing Helped an E-Commerce Seller Scale His Business

The primary concern of the client was to expand his business in the domains of consumer products and eCommerce. The client also wanted to expand their footprint and customer base. Along with that, one of their biggest worries was assessing fundamental flaws in the downstream distribution process.

The client was encountering complexities in the manufacturing process, procurement, distribution, and fulfillment. Major issues arose in the areas of enhanced delivery accuracy, better packing quality, and the organization's desire to obtain the most up-to-date warehouse automation standards. Thus, they were required to develop innovative ways of doing business, cost-focus strategies, and optimize supply chain operations.

Warehousing Express conducted in-depth research and made necessary adjustments in digital transformation. They also decided to offer the client strategic last-mile delivery and route optimization. WELPL has undeniably excelled in segments such as lowering shipping costs by 30%, improving delivery accuracy to almost 90%, improving packing quality, and optimizing logistical operations by employing automation technologies wherever they were needed, for instance to provide real-time inventory status and shipping information.

Warehousing Express is combining all of the above-mentioned techniques to offer customers ease in areas such as order fulfillment, logistics, and warehouse management. WELPL's state-of-the-art solutions helped the client increase sales, reduce in-transit damage, and enhance customer satisfaction with real-time order updates. With its phenomenal third-party logistics services, Warehousing Express has made seemingly impossible and difficult tasks possible.

"The client appreciated Warehousing Express's ability to integrate KPIs across multiple domains, and the brand awarded full points to this industry leader for improving its bottom line and organizational performance. The client believed that outsourcing warehouse and logistics operations to WELPL was his best decision, and it proved to be a real game-changer. Earlier, the client was able to fulfill only 100 orders a day, but with WELPL's order processing and logistics services, the client was ultimately able to fulfill 500 orders a day, and 15,000 orders a month. Beforehand, the client's geographical footprint was limited but working with WELPL allowed him to trade throughout the country. This phenomenal growth was possible only because of Warehousing Express's ultra-modern service offerings, including route optimization, order processing and fulfillment, and real-time inventory and shipping updates. Furthermore, the client was enthralled with the model of Last-Mile Delivery, and its implications for organizational growth were positive."

The client is widely regarded as one of the industry's leaders in the realm of e-commerce and consumer goods. For decades, the client has dominated the e-commerce segment and has a positive image in the country.

The e-commerce industry is one of the most thriving industries in India. Furthermore, the industry is expected to witness a bull run in the upcoming years. There has been a paradigm shift in the shopping experience, and online shopping practices have been growing consistently. However, with such rapid expansion comes the possibility of new challenges and complexities. Online retailers face some common challenges like inventory management, tracking online orders, order fulfillment, reducing shipping costs, managing returns, and so forth. Similarly, our client was also facing these challenges and thus decided to outsource logistics and warehouse services to Warehousing Express, the leading 3PL provider. Therefore, he was able to focus on his core business, leaving all the logistics concerns to us! This certainly helped the client to expand his customer base and make his business all the more profitable.

Most organizations have discovered that outsourcing supply chain and logistics related functions to third-party logistics (3PL) providers has given them a competitive edge. Businesses cite increased flexibility, operational performance, enhanced service levels, and a stronger focus on their core competencies as perks of using 3PL providers' services. Since logistics outsourcing is a rising trend, the extent and kind of outsourcing vary substantially across time, industries, and enterprises. Some companies employ 3PL providers solely as a source for storage or distribution purposes, whereas others trust them with complete control of their logistics network.

Coming back to the story of our client, he was primarily using our warehouse services, for storing his inventory stock, but later the client decided to outsource all the logistical and e-commerce fulfillment procedures to a renowned 3PL provider- Warehousing Express. This proved to be the best move for him, and helped him scale his business tremendously. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to expand your business, you already know that the best way to do it is to surround yourself with a fantastic team. And yes, a 3PL should be included!
Here's how the third-party logistics services of WELPL continue to benefit its clients:
  • Cost Savings: Reducing costs related to storage and shipping.
  • Being industrial leaders, we have considerable experience, expertise, and knowledge, allowing our clients to tap into the world of the latest software systems and equipment.
  • End-to-end services related to warehousing, packaging, distribution, transportation, and supply chain management.
  • Helping clients with order processing and fulfillment.
  • Complete assistance in handling returns, exchanges, and refunds.
  • Providing Data-Driven Insights.
  • Solving all the logistical challenges and making your supply chain all the more flexible, agile, and robust.
Automation Technologies:
It's fairly easy to conclude that warehouse automation is absolutely essential, but most organizations struggle when it comes to putting it into practice. Warehousing Express has improved its multi-channel e-commerce logistics by entirely automating the whole sales and distribution network. In the ecommerce industry, it has incorporated the latest trends to meet the ever-changing customer needs.

The Route to Success:
A partnership with WELPL certainly helps clients to venture into new markets, make their supply chains all the more efficient, and gain a competitive edge in the industry. Warehousing Express has almost always found the answers to clients' problems and offered them modernized infrastructural facilities and services. As a result, they make certain to make all of the essential adjustments necessary to resolve the issue, and they have set up multiple platforms to incorporate numerous upgrades in the required regions.
WELPL continues to thrive on challenges, and in the E-Commerce and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods segment, the company has faced various obstacles along the route to success, but it has wisely learned how to conquer all of them. Furthermore, Warehousing Express is always available for their clients to help them expand their businesses across the country.


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