Publishing & Records

With the growing base of changing titles, relatively reduced shelf life, unpredictable market demands, need to deliver the desired content at the right time in the right place & on-demand printing needs of the Institutions Merchandise & Publishing Trade, Warehousing Express facilitates the seamless supply chain, 3PL & Warehouse Management systems for publishing companies so they can stay competitive in the marketplace. We provide inexpensive and methodical distribution solutions for all types of publishing sectors, including news, books and periodicals, collateral, magazines and many others.

We work on service levels like the accuracy of 99.9%, robust infrastructure, tailor-made processes & SOPs, technological integrations. We add value across Publishing and Records management verticals with a proven track record of excellence and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Warehousing Express also stores and protects billions of valued assets, including critical business information, highly sensitive data, cultural and historical artifacts. We provide excellent solutions which include information management, digital integration with data, secure storage, secure destruction and process transformations.

We also offer data center management, cloud services, storage servers and logistics services. We work with customers to lower down the costs and risks, comply with regulations, recover from disaster, and enable a more digital way of working.

Here is our state of the art solutions offering for the companies in the publishing sector and corporates with secure data & documents storage needs:

  • Warehousing & Storage
  • Inventory Management as per Title / Publication / Language
  • Uniform / Size / Color / School / College based Kitting
  • Labeling, Kitting, Pick & Pack
  • MRP Labeling and Price Changes
  • Protective/Customized Packaging
  • Order Fulfilment/ Special Handling
  • Distribution and Transportation
  • Special Deliveries to Editors, Key Identified Personnel
  • Specialized Transportation Services for Books and Events
  • Events and Promotional Logistics
  • Returns & Sale Logistics Management
  • Specially designed corrugated boxes for records and file storage
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs Clearance

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