Food & Beverages

With Warehousing Express's CFA services and warehouse's strategic locations, there is a growth opportunity in every corner of the Food and beverage industry.

We at Warehousing Express have designed a robust Contract logistics model to address the key challenges which the Food and beverage industry face from evolving commodity prices to complex manufacturing constraints, growing preferences for organic foods, more focus on hygiene, traceability, and time management are only a few of the lengthy list of challenges the industry is facing every day.

WELPL is a performance-oriented supply chain service provider with a deep focus on providing end-to-end strategic planning and management services to the Food and beverage industry. From warehousing to fulfillment and distribution to packaging to kitting, reverse logistics and transportation; we provide complete supply chain solutions for companies looking to positively counter the obstacles of a challenging market.

Here comes the bouquet of our service offering for the Food and beverage industry:

End to End product traceability of products with sophisticated equipment tracking Streamlined in-bound logistics with higher shipping accuracy Flexible vendor pickups and just-in-time delivery An understanding of store and vendor requirements Delivery coordination between vendors, DC/warehouse and stores Local sourcing of the freshest products

We have developed our in-house digital distribution application for centralized management of your channels, achieve transparent, timely and accurate visibility of deliveries and returnable assets.

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