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 Specialized Fleet / Containers

 Raw Material Transportation

 One of the fastest growing sectors, globally

 Efficient logistics can cut down expenses

 Reducing transit wastage another vital focus area

Consumer Durable & Others

Leading businesses stay relevant through incremental improvement in their processes. This century-old Consumer Electronics company had a knack for evolving with the market. In their recent transformation stride, this fortune-500 company planned to streamline their end-to-end product and inventory handling process at their warehouses to address the inefficiencies. They partnered with Polestar to roll-out a Warehouse Management System for their country-wide warehouses.

The company operated through 23 warehouses in India. They had an extensive network of distribution and retail partnership for their products across segments: laptops, desktop hard drives, televisions, tablets and more.

Each product had a unique designated serial number, but the system to record the serial numbers against these products was missing. Due to this, it was difficult to assign any transaction detail against an item.

Since a large number of transactions were happening at the warehouses, they had to manually record each transaction in a different excel which increased the management overhead still they could not streamline the process.


Warehousing Express’s security processes are centrally monitored and regular measures are taken to improve them. We use Pallets, HDR (Heavy Duty Racks), MHEs (Material Handling Equipment), Fumigation, proper cleaning of bags and boxes, Stackers, stairs to safe material handling and safety from water seepages, we use fire extinguisher and hydrants to safeguard the material from any potential fire threats, all our facilities are located near to roads with proper connectivity, CCTVs and security guards are always are there to secure the stocks kept in the warehouse. Team also supports with the pictures, narration of incident/s, and documentation in case any client wishes to apply for insurance claims.


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Armed with this close understanding of the sector and deep experience, Welpl Logistics extends amplified specialized services for businesses in the automobile sector:

 Specialized Fleet / Containers

 Raw Material Transportation

 One of the fastest growing sectors, globally

 Efficient logistics can cut down expenses

 Reducing transit wastage another vital focus area

With decades of industry experience working with leading automakers and tier-one suppliers from around the globe, WElpl Logistics can help you:

 Improve the product development cycle for a successful launch

 Drive dynamic automotive supply chain solutions

 One of the fastest growing sectors, globally

 With economical reverse logistics

 Achieve record savings

We deliver customized IT solutions to meet specific service requirements and develop custom networks addressing your service and cost concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Industry are you specialized in?

    A warehouse is a goods storage facility. Lager is used by producers, importers, traders, retailers, freight forwarders, authorities, etc. In industrial parks in the edge of town, urban communities, or villages, they are generally big flat buildings.Receiving and processing incoming stock and supplies, picking and filling orders, transport and storage orders, or maintaining, sorting, and recovering goods in the warehouse are all examples of industrial warehouse tasks.

    Craft beers are an important component of the supply chain and keep machinery and materials until they are ready for delivery to stores, outlets, pharmacies, and online supplies.

    Usually, the warehousing services have docks for loading and unloading goods. Warehouses are often constructed to load and unload goods directly from trains, airports, and seaports. They frequently have cranes and gateways for transporting goods, which are normally put onto pallets on optical Disc pallets.

    Warehousing Express is specialized in various industries like the pharma health industry, apparel, and lifestyle, food and beverages, Entertainment and, and gaming, telecom and solar, fitness and sports, power grid and, energy, inverters and semi-conductors, publishing and records and, engineering and electrical, chemicals and oils, retails and e-commerce also mining and minerals. **

    The firm operates in 23 storage facilities in India. They had a wide network of retail and distribution partnerships across segments of their products: laptops, desktop hard drives, TV, tablets, etc.

  • Do you store hazardous material?

    No, a warehouse – such as a third-party logistics provider (3PL) – must be certified to handle risky products. The certification process is complicated, and it may include several governments, local fire services, environmental quality boards, and other organizations. For each unique procedure, lengthy requests may be required, followed by phone and in-person talks.

    In a warehouse, hazardous items are commonly encountered. These might be raw materials or goods that have been completed. A hazardous substance can cause severe physical consequences like a fire, the abrupt release of pressure and explosions, or acute health consequences like burns, seizures, and persistent consequences such as organs and tumors. It is vital to recognize the risks of these materials in order to handle dangerous materials in a safe and correct way.

    Hazardous stock may be a highly risky task if it is conducted improperly. A single slip or surveillance does not only affect things on a balance sheet, it also jeopardizes lives. However, storing hazardous with the proper supplier may be as secure as storing any non-hazmat product. Such components include chemicals as well as poisonous compounds and may be considered a risk to health and/or physical conditions (i.e. explosive and corrosive gases) **

    Centrally supervised and regular action to improve safety practices are performed at Warehousing Express. We use pallets, HDR (Heavy Duty Racks), fumigations, proper cleaning of bags and boxes, stackers, stairs to ensure the safe handling of material and safety from the water drainage, fire-extinguishers, and hydrogen heaters, all of our facilities are located close to roads with proper access, CCTVs and security guards, all of them are top quality. The warehousing service Delhi team will also provide photos, event narratives, and paperwork if any customer chooses to claim insurance.

  • What is your food warehouse pest control facility?

    Warehouse Pest control is an essential element of normal maintenance operations and is required to pass company audits for licensing and certification. Pest management in warehouses may be extremely difficult. Large structures, such as warehouses, provide lots of places for pests to dwell, reproduce, and hide. Cracks and crevices, as well as dark and dirty areas, provide an ideal habitat for insect infestations.

    These pests are not only ugly and filthy, but they can cause damage to items, equipment, electrical wiring, and building structures.Pest control experts are able and very well aware of where pest hideouts are likely to be and how to handle them, as well as how to aid warehouse employees in recognizing pest infestation symptoms and adopt preventative methods. Different services provided under the pest management program for warehouses contain:

    ● Disinfestation of the common plagues like roach, ants, spiders, etc. General disinfestation therapy.

    ● Treatment for stored items such as meal moths, rice weevils, smoking beetle, and so on.

    ● Pests such as termites, woodworms, powdered post beetles, silverfish, etc. for fumigation treatment against wood and paper packages.

    ● Treatment of rats, mice, moles, and other rodents using rat/rodent controls, etc.

    ● Treatment for bird controls concerning pigeons and bats etc. **

    What we provide you:

    ● At Warehousing Express, we have developed a comprehensive contract logistics model to meet the main issues faced by the food and beverage sector from the developing price of commodities to the complicated production limit, expanding demands on organic foods, cleanliness, traceability, and time management.

    ● With the aim of offering end-to-end strategic planning and management services to the food and beverages sector, CFA Warehouse is a performance-oriented supply chain service provider. We offer full supply chain solutions for businesses, which seek to favorably overcome the constraints of a tough market, ranging from warehouse to fulfillment and distribution, to packaging, reverse logistics, and transport.

  • Would my orders be automatically routed to your warehouse, or will this be a manual?

    We receive your orders through an automated process. Automated inventory control refers to the use of processing technologies to handle orders more quickly by reducing manual labour. Order processing robotics assist to decrease human error, increase operational efficiency, and eventually speed up the fulfilment and shipping process. A completely automated inventory control system interacts with an online shop, or even several sales channels, and processes and validates requests as they are recommended.

    All orders can be tracked from a single portal, making it easy to keep track of inventory, order progress, and changes in one location. Customers are the foundation of any business, including the warehousing industry . The distribution channel of the firm is critical for sustaining the customer relationship. We1.Tech, a warehouse management software India company, has created software that aids in the generation of passes for any outgoing transactions, which are then stored in the warehouse management application for better reference, rendering outbound logistics more efficient.

    A most important key feature of warehousing services is: To decrease response time, clients can reserve automobiles within the login page and provide instant cost approvals. Clients may submit bulk orders, monitor live SLA execution, PODs, SOPs, and conduct online supply chain inspections in any warehouse, as well as obtain numerous data based on their business needs. **

    Warehousing Express Logistics Pvt Ltd. is a third-party logistics business that operates warehouse transportation, inventory management, reversible logistics, end-to-end supply chain and provides all the bespoke logistics solutions to customer requirements. Our team of consultants delivers tech-enabled 3PL services to a wide range of sectors such as textiles, solar power, health care, pharmaceutics, sustainable consumer, FMCG, IT, telecoms, food grains, supplements, automotive, e-commerce, and more.

  • How claims for damaged pallets are handled?

    With the effective management of WMS and reverse logistics services, the movement of surplus, damaged, or unneeded resources, goods, or equipment is a seamless operation. With real-time monitoring measures, Warehousing Express reverse logistics solutions improve your distribution network to maximize asset retrieval at much lower costs.

    The management of the CFA warehouse space involves multi-direction thinking and vertical thinking. All available vertical space saves expenses so that warehouse design is more economical. In terms of operational efficiency, all the proper storage solutions can excel. The first stage is to detect and analyze apparent damage. In the involvement of the driver, the contents should be checked. Smartphones are an excellent way to take pictures of items.

    Submitting your claim will help with the proper collection of paperwork and proof. You can make a claim for up to 9 months, 15 days, or only 3 days according to the carrier. Learn and do not defer the regulations, treaties, and policies around your providers and broken carriers. If a claim is not submitted in the timeframe, it is rejected. If the whole cargo is ruined and unsecured, reject. If the damage is minor, accept the entire package or risk being saddled with the carrier's heavy storage fee.

  • What happens if there is a discrepancy in inventory count between the warehouse and good owners?

    Whether human mistakes or procedural faults can cause discrepancies mostly, yet, it should be remembered that additional reasons for inconsistencies are not included here and may rely on the business and the technique used to stock data. Some common discrepancies are like Incorporation of data during the reception, inadequate management of destructed and returned inventories, mixing stocks, loss of stocks due to robbery. A human error occurring during inventory.

    The inventory to safely and correctly system is not updated with the incorrect measurement unit. Goods that were improperly labeled were misreported, inventory management human errors. Mismanaged returns are another place wherein inventory discrepancies might occur. If the returned items are improperly categorized and sent to the stock, the return is recorded inaccurately. Effective inventory monitoring helps to facilitate the return of items more smoothly and enough staff training is needed before items are placed back into stock.

    In case of a discrepancy in inventory count between the Warehousing Express and good owners, we offer re-organization of reverse door-to-door transportation, back to stock/back to customer facility, packing procedure, and secure transport. We repair and recheck your goods. We inspect the reporting so that you can get the best service from us. We prioritize your business. **

    The happiness of our customers is our main concern and our reverse supply chain solutions reflect this. Customers can rely on our team of professionals and technology to provide their company with the best reverse supply chain solution. We have a staff of experts in logistics who understand your company. Warehousing Service Gurgaon guarantees great safety and meets the fundamental needs of dependable reverse logistics. We are aligned with an effective, transparent, and secure custody chain in our reverse logistics solutions.

    With our years of expertise in the field of technology, support, and value-added solutions, we are an important participant in the reverse logistics management industry. The excellent performance and timely white handle recovery, with a range of adjustable service choices, are obtained from each of our clients.


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Our Latest Blogs

Warehousing and Logistics
18 Jan 2022

Warehousing and Logistics Trends for 2022

Warehousing and Logistics Sector Trends and Innovations in 2022
The pandemic has affected badly the international trade and businesses. Thanks to the aggressive e-commerce growth which consistently led the domestic supply chain for essential goods and services by the result of which, the domestic warehousing and logistics sector is consistently floating.
According to various reports, market experts have estimated that the Indian Logistics and Warehousing sector is all set to cross the mark of 35% growth by the end of (FY) 2021. The figures have proven the earlier estimate of 25% growth wrong and this is just a beginning that has astonished everyone with the fastest recovery from the COVID aftermath.

A Strong Infrastructural Pillar in the Country's Growth Narrative
The Indian Warehousing and Logistics sector has overcome the adverse effects of the pandemic and the lockdown period. This situation has provided the industry to test its ability and learn the way to keep the supply chain functioning for essential items even in the worst conditions. Over time and with experience, the top 3PL Logistics companies in India have become agile enough to adapt to changes and come back more efficiently to face major challenges in the coming future. The industry is receiving different types of motivational energies via positive government policies, international trade environment, etc. Possibilities to become one of the top manufacturing hubs across the globe are consistently increasing in India and the domestic warehousing and logistics sector is all set to become a strong and competitive infrastructure pillar in the nation's growth narrative. Unlimited opportunities of skyrocketing growth in 2022 for this industry can still be clearly noticed.

Major Areas that will drive this growth in 2022

1. Robust Cold Chain Network

According to Cold Chain market research, the Indian Cold Chain Industry is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 18-20 percent during the period 2017-22. The demands are still growing for warehousing and logistics services and cold chain logistics will surpass all the estimated goals of growth set previously in the next five years.

Meat, seafood, and bio-pharmaceuticals are the major segments that are creating additional demand opportunities and are exploring new markets for organized players to take the level of this industry up to new heights of success.

2. E-commerce Boom

The Amazon effect is widely popular and has become a known identity for the growth of e-commerce. The digital marketplace phenomenon has completely changed the nature of retail and consumer behavior. E-commerce is consistently representing a massive growth in its share of the retail market which is growing year-over-year. The exponential growth is rapidly creating a huge increase in demands and to manage the increased volume and delivery expectations, e-commerce giants are making alliances with the best logistics companies in India. Warehousing and Distribution services providers and logistics partners are also proving the best medium in providing guidance to remain competitive and successful amidst industrial changes.

3. Growing Investments

Only Q2 reports of 2021 are enough to astonish everyone. These reports state that the Indian Warehousing industry has attracted a record of INR 5,500 crore from investors during this period only. Due to this flurry of investments, this has become the most active quarter for the sector in the last five years.

The robust growth of tech-enabled warehouses is consistently attracting investors as they always look to make profits and the warehousing real estate assure safer returns with 100% FDI and other beneficial opportunities.

4. Expansion in the Manufacturing Sector

Innovations, technological advancements, modifications have made the manufacturing sector more effective and productive. These factors have raised the level of production and with increasing demands, the requirements to store products and to keep the consistent flow of inventory, businesses have shown more dependency on the warehousing sector. Grade A logistics partners serve the business purpose and suggest the right strategies to gain control over various business operations and get over the challenges.

5. Innovations in Autonomous Machines

Automatic Guided Vehicles are keeping inventory management hubs effective and efficient. The use of robotics is increasing human efficiency and reducing errors in different operations. The results obtained through this can be noticed in the form of untold multiplications of work output. Autonomous innovations are undoubtedly turning warehouses into more-efficient tech-enabled spaces for storage.

6. Cloud Computing

Earlier, warehouses were just places to store goods and little else but now with the rise of a global supply chain, it becomes essential to stay connected to every link of the entire supply chain network. Cloud computing and other important applications have made all the operations well-connected with seamless methods like barcode scan, database change, reorder and more.

7. Flexibility in Agreements

The lockdown period has learnt the lesson of spending every single penny under scrutiny to every business. During the pandemic, it became important for warehouse occupiers to minimize the cost and on other hand, warehouse management companies in India needed the cash flow to continue. To adopt changes and modifications in agreements became necessary to continue businesses. Warehouse and distribution centres that have offered maximum adaptability and flexibility in their plans were succeeded in the mission. Even in the future, there may be more unpredictable events and hence, major warehousing and logistics companies will now need to focus more on how to best utilize space and manage expenses to lower down costs to provide better results to their clients.

The business of Warehousing and Logistics is extremely complex though is a significant factor to raise the bar of the Indian economy. By 2022, the above-mentioned trends will nourish the future of this industry and by applying the right strategies, innovations, modifications and latest gadgets, Warehousing Express is all set to go up a few notches in the list of leading Warehousing and Logistics Companies in India. Equipped with best-in-class digital tools, our experts are ready to offer world-class warehousing and logistics services and have enough knowledge and experience to handle pressure situations in all types of industries.

Warehousing and Logistics service
02 Dec 2021

List of Best Warehousing and Logistics Companies in India

Over the years, warehousing and distribution services have been providing businesses with the strength to extend and grow. Through best technologies, innovations, robust engineering, continuous developments and the implementation of tailored management systems, the leading giants in the warehousing and logistics sector have complied in the best interests of businesses. In the last few years, the sector has gained skyrocketing growth and with the strong presence of existing companies, some new entrants have also gained an amazing hold in the market. It is important to choose the right partner to make sure that your entire supply chain management can get an accurate assessment. Check out the list of top warehousing companies in India and consider the appropriate one to develop new opportunities for growth and success.


An integrated warehousing and distribution service provider having the leading network of more than 500 warehouses and distribution centres. Professionals at Stockarea are highly trained to produce visible results even in complex situations.

2.Warehousing Express

Having a trustworthy image in the sector with the experience of over 400 happy clients, Warehousing Express' network is rapidly growing. The logistics provider has more than 2000 SKUs in 30 different locations across the nation. Their extremely big warehouses are specially made to meet the increasing demands of clients in near future. Experts at this top warehousing brand are capable to face all types of challenges and they know very well how to bring the client out of the most difficult situation.

3.SK Logistics

Having flexible and exclusive plans with the latest cutting-edge technology, SK logistics is a leading Warehousing name in Maharashtra and is currently expanding its network in north, south, west and east areas.

4.Supreme Logistics Solutions

Considered as a leading warehousing service provider in the country, Supreme Logistics Solutions holds expertise in warehousing and transportation services. They simply implement the required technology to grow businesses and offer plans accordingly.

5.Gati Limited

Considered as a pioneer in the warehousing sector, the logistics provider is among the leading companies that generate the highest amount of annual turnover. Having huge experience and a reputed image, the warehouse company is a great choice.

6.EPT Global Logistics

Originated in Ahmadabad in 2005, the rapid growth of EPT has surprised the entire sector. Their innovating ideas and strategies to adopt the latest gadgets, tools and technologies are keeping them well ahead of their competitors.

7.Fly High Logistics

Producing outstanding results in adverse conditions makes Fly High Logistics a top choice to consider among the best warehousing companies in India. Their effective way to handle the supply chain is remarkable and hence, the company is making its way to huge success.

8.Om Trans Logistics Ltd.

Providing world-class logistics services is the major mantra of success for Om Trans Logistics. The company has backed its strengths and has made warehousing a flexible option to acquire for small-scale organizations.

9.B2B Logistics

With over 20 years of experience in providing the cutting-edge technology to meet the high expectations of businesses, B2B logistics is considered as one of the most dependable options in the warehousing sector today.


The trustworthy brand image of Foxconn Technology Group makes JUSDA Supply Chain Management a supreme warehousing brand in the nation. The experts here work extremely well on strategies to meet the competitive advantage of the client.


TVS offers high-quality supply chain solutions to all types of businesses. As a subsidiary part of the TVS Group, the company is a specialist provider of supply chain and logistics services in the country.

12.Allcargo Logistics

Based in Maharashtra, operating in 164 countries from more than 300 offices across the globe, Allcargo Logistics is among the largest LCL services providers in the world.

13.Tripath Logistics

Tripath Logistics is known for its wide range of covering logistics facilities. The organisation focuses on the basic requirements of clients and finds appropriate solutions to deliver long-term effects.

14.Connect India

Started with a movement to reach out to those businesses who actually feel unable to get connected with warehousing and distribution services. Their vision is to cover the most number of pin codes to provide leverage to small-scale businesses as well-customers in small towns.

15.FM Logistics

Based in France, the network of FM Logistics in India covers 30 different locations and owns 90 plus warehouses in the country. They provide customized solutions to strengthen supply chain management.

16.DGS Translogistics

The end-to-end supply chain service provider is a brilliant choice to be made to avail innovative and cost-effective logistics solutions.

17.VRL Logistics

VRL offer custom-made warehousing solutions with its largest goods transportation network in the country.

18.Mahindra Logistics

With a huge market capitalization of USD 20.7 billion, Mahindra Logistics provides personalized services and customized solutions to businesses. Their experts are highly trained to produce amazing results and to maximize productivity, labour efficiency and revenue.

All these top warehousing and logistics companies are raising the level of warehousing and distribution facilities in the country. These leading 3PL logistics companies in India are all set to boost the Indian economy and the revolutionary change is visible to keep the nation's growth back on the right track.

warehouse companies
13 Oct 2021

A Model of Acceleration for Grocery e-commerce

The rise of e-commerce has produced spectacular returns but is also a threat to traditional stores. Then arrived the idea of Hyperlocal business model where retailers can enjoy the benefits of respective platforms to grow their businesses.

This particular model is usually based on app aggregator policy to track, control and manage the entire hyperlocal market. Any business requires a strong supply chain model to manage inventory accordingly. Smartphones are proving game-changers for different types of business models, especially in the grocery sector. All ages of people prefer to order online for basic requirements including purchasing medicines, order groceries, food items etc. The consumer wants everything available at the doorstep. The services providing by big and reputed brands are completely satisfying and their clients also feel relaxed till their orders get delivered. The hyperlocal business model offers the traditional retailers to get connected with the technological advancements of Warehousing service providers and get their businesses accelerated without hassles.

These innovations have completely changed the entire scenario of retail warehouse companies and DC operations. Handing pressure situations during the pandemic when lockdown has impacted the global market, Hyperlocal Delivery Solutions have shown the right direction to the whole world to discover the path of success in adverse conditions. Applying the online mode by giving preference to the traditional offline mode resulted in a huge advantage for e-commerce, especially the grocery sector, took a very high leap of progress.

The general phenomenon of the hyperlocal business model works with the research of local market and gathers information about the basic requirements of local residents in that particular region. These researches assist local offline retailers and third party logistics providers and they work on the ideas to deliver required items, services or products at required clients' doorsteps at unbelievably fast speed.

Hyperlocal platforms work as supply chain systems between retailers and consumers. Consumers enjoy benefits like getting their favorites food items from preferred restaurants or services like groceries needed in a short time with the advent of this wonderful business model.

How does it work?

Age-old favorites shopping methods are even more important as the e-commerce sector. And hence, hyperlocal platforms have provided these traditional methods with the required nourishment to amalgamate with technical advancements. The advent of these platforms makes the retailers and e-commerce stores visible to customers on a wider scale. Customers also feel more relaxed and satisfied with the assurance of good quality products and services. The hyperlocal marketplace makes offline stores visible to the customers available in the proximity of few kilometers. The applaud able business model also makes delivery speed too quick by connecting different e-stores and offline marketplace together so that high numbers of deliveries can be managed by multiple delivery guys in a particular local market.

The future of e-commerce is enlightening with the brightness of unexpected acceleration as numerous revolutionary steps are going to be made in the coming years to serve the consumer better. Even in rural areas too, people are showing more dependence on the online mode of shopping and hence, Hyperlocal Delivery Model is an absolute game changer for the growth rate of commodities warehouse grocery e-commerce.

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