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Warehouse in Pune

Warehousing Express: Join the Fastest-Emerging Warehousing Network in Pune

With the rising effect of e-commerce in India, the need for warehousing and distribution services is also increasing, as these types of services allow for timely delivery and optimized distribution. This is an essential requirement today for almost all types of businesses that manufacture, import, export, or transport goods.

Pune is a popular destination for businesses to prosper and grow. Consequently, the demand for warehouse services in Pune is also rising. It helps them store their goods in a safe and secure manner. Warehouses provide businesses with a centralized location where goods can be stored safely and securely. In the fastest-growing cities like Pune, this necessity becomes bigger as the rise of FMCG, e-commerce, and other industries is extreme in such developing areas where customers look for online modes to get goods, products, and services.

A broad range of businesses look for a warehouse in Pune to address their specific storage and distribution needs. It helps them save money and manage their operations more efficiently. There are big promises made by giants in the warehousing sector to get contracts for warehouse in Pune from different clients. It is essential for every business to consider the right partner when choosing warehousing, and distribution, or third-party logistics services. Criteria including track record, reputation, past relationships, knowledge of working with different types of industries, and what level of professional experts are involved with the company are some major and basic points that help organizations reach the correct third party logistics companies in Pune.

Unparalleled Warehouse Service in Pune

Warehousing Express is the perfect option for everyone searching for a 3PL warehouse in Pune. WELPL offers unparalleled warehousing and logistics services with a proven track record of improving supply chain efficiency. Our warehouse is located in a prime location making it convenient for both domestic and international customers. Our warehouse is well-equipped with modern amenities, such as temperature controlled environment, cold-storage, specialized storage solutions, and 24/7 security. We also provide various other solutions such as inventory management, order management, e-commerce fulfillment, distribution, and value-added services.

Warehousing Express applies unique business strategies, takes tough calls, and hence, makes a difference when compared with its competitors for warehouse service in Pune. To achieve desired results and status, WELPL always follows a long-term approach of actions and thus achieves organizational goals effectively, immediately, and smoothly.

Potential to Grow

To cater to different business needs, Warehousing Express always ensures a buffer space in all its warehouses to support the sudden growth of businesses without any hassle to shift.

Connectivity to Cities

All our warehouses in India are located closer to cities with proper transport and connectivity.

Support any size requirement

Warehousing Express provides warehouses with a minimum of 500 sq ft area and the size can be as large as client's preference and business needs.

Professionals with Digital Tools

With Warehousing Express's digital transformation and experts in all warehousing facilities, we assure businesses of a professional service.

warehousing service in pune

Why Choose Warehousing Express

Organized Space

Organized Space

We provide warehouse storage spaces for businesses that adhere to complete safety and scalable measures with vertical stacking options.


Manpower Management

We have a dedicated team of skilled professionals for planning, initiation, and project execution.


Inventory Management

We manage your complete inventory; We also have a product locator for easy pick and move operations.


Shared Warehousing Services

Shared warehousing service is a space effective solution that makes customers pay only for the space utilized for service and reduces costs.


KPI Reporting

We provide standard and customized reporting based on the customers' requirements.


Advance MHE & Warehousing Infrastructure

Our warehouse is equipped with advanced material handling equipment and the most modern technology systems.

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Warehouse in Pune

 Gat no. 404, Lonikand, Katkewadi Road, Taluka-Haveli, Dist., Pune - 412216.

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Warehousing in Pune

Gat No. 415, M. No. 3827, Ramnagar ward No. 2, Lonikand, Pune 412216

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Available Sq.Ft.
Warehousing in Pune

Gat No. 404, Lonikand, Tal - Haveli, Dist. Pune - 412207

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Available Sq.Ft.

Why Prefer Welpl Over Other Warehousing and 3PL Giants in Pune?

Warehousing Express knows how important it is for businesses to choose the right 3PL partner, as it is one of the most important critical decisions to influence the efficiency of various industrial operations. A good or bad decision can make a huge difference in either raising the level of the entire supply chain management or destroying it completely.

Have a close look at some advantageous factors on which WELPL works to improve relationships with its clients:

  • We believe in reducing industrial challenges and threats with deep planning, the help of our trained and experienced professionals, and preparation of strategic roadmaps.
  • WELPL always believes in innovations, and hence, continuous upgrades in software, applying the latest technologies, approaches to the right WMS always remain on our priority list.
  • We never end our contract with our client until we are unable to set standards and provide a secure and advantageous position to the company.
  • Our team starts right from the beginning or from the root of the major problem, understands the client’s requirements and plans to excel in them or the best results.

Warehousing Express’ Major USP’s That Make It a Special Choice for Warehouse Service in Pune

Once you decide to choose WELPL for warehouse service in Pune, you can enjoy the following fantastic features:

Flexible Plans

Flexible Plans and Cost-Effective Solutions

Reducing warehouse costs is an effective measure to control additional expenses and offer more growth opportunities to the business. WELPL uses proper inventory control and storage systems to minimize the expenses due to damaged goods and misplaced items. We apply strategies like reducing energy costs.

Automated Warehouses

Robotic and Automated Warehouses

The digitalization of the supply chain is considered one of the best practices to gain a competitive advantage. Our professionals are trained to develop the digital skills of employees and generate outcomes in the form of reduced work drudgery, more space for initiative, quality control, and enhanced communication skills.

On-Demand Warehouses

Largest Network of On-Demand Warehouses

WELPL acquires the best infrastructure to match the client’s expectations. Safe and quick transportation always remains our top priority, and hence, our team of experts remains active with the best gadgets, tools, and strategies to take care of your transportation requirements.

Handle Pressure

Potential to Handle Pressure

Seasonal fluctuations are an important part of businesses, and Warehousing Express knows how to allocate space as workload varies with increasing demands. We always ensure buffer spaces in our warehouse in Pune and have the ability to maintain the smoothness of operations without hassles.

Inventory Management

Live Inventory Management

To streamline business activities and warehouse management, real-time inventory management is extremely important. WELPL always tracks product movement and eliminates the hassles of stock-out situations completely so that all operations can go along smoothly.

Material Safety

100% Material Safety with Digital Tools

By choosing our tech-enabled warehouse in Chennai, our partner can be rest assured about material safety as we use pallets, heavy duty racks, material handling equipment, fumigation, stackers, fire extinguishers and hydrants to avoid fire hazards. We ensure proper security manuals including CCTV monitoring, 24X7 security.

Keep safe your products with Warehouse Express

Warehouse Storage
Live Inventory Reports
Easy Payment Methods
24/7 Hours Security
Real-Time Tracking
Fast & Efficient Delivery
warehouse in pune

Market Expansion in Pune

As a trusted 3PL partner, Warehousing Express helps organizations establish a presence where their position is negligible. We provide them with the access to control warehouse in Pune and distribution centres in such areas so that companies can grow and expand their market share.

Restructure Your Supply Chain with WELPL in Pune

Warehousing Express ensures the correct and timely implementation of continuous improvements in various departments and industrial operations. Our experts with smart, upgraded, and digital tools have vast knowledge and experience to optimize and restructure the supply chain. We have the ability to make processes smooth, easy, and quick and to provide quick results in the form of transparency, traceability, and dependability. Our experienced team of professionals has the vast knowledge and deep understanding needed to tackle major issues and challenges in different aspects of a specific project. Our supply chain expert will provide growth-centric initiatives. Our presence is emerging continuously across the nation and our network has currently crossed the mark of 30 locations until today.

Do choose us as a 3PL partner or experience our magnificent warehouse space plans, which are flexible and cost-effective. Our warehousing services in Pune include 3PL contract logistics, on-demand warehouses, distribution and transportation services, third-party logistics, in-plant operations, reverse logistics, commodities storage, CFA/C&F agent services, freight forwarding, etc. By shaking hands with us as your new partners, you can also create new opportunities by accommodating current business requirements.

Warehousing Express: The Most Reputable Logistics and Warehouse Network in Pune

Warehousing Express is one of the most trusted and reputable logistics and warehouse networks in Pune, India. It provides world-class warehousing, distribution, and transportation services to a wide range of industries. With our world-class warehouse in Pune, you can store your precious products in the safest possible manner and manage all your supply chain management operations efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+Why do businesses use warehouses?

Businesses use warehouses for several significant reasons. Warehouses provide secure storage space for a variety of products. This helps maintain sufficient inventory levels, avoiding overstocks or stockouts. Further, efficient inventory management ensures timely order fulfillment, reducing lead times, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Moreover, warehouses increase product security, protecting items from theft, damage, and environmental factors. By streamlining logistics operations, warehouses contribute to cost-effectiveness in transportation. Overall, the strategic use of warehouses optimizes supply chain processes, improves operational efficiency, and supports business growth.

+How can I lease a warehouse in Pune?

Leasing a warehouse in Pune is a simple process with WELPL. WELPL provides a warehouse for rent in Pune at affordable rates and flexible leasing plans. Our warehouse is strategically located and well-equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology, and security systems.

Contact us right away to discuss your storage needs with us and rent the best warehouse in Pune!

+What are the services of a warehouse in Pune?

Warehouses provide a wide range of services to streamline supply chain operations. WELPL provides a whole range of warehousing services in its warehouse in Pune. These specialized solutions include receiving, inventory management, sorting, storage, picking, packing, value-adding, shipping, and order fulfillment. Well, this is not it! We also offer several storage options, both for long-term and short-term needs.

From start to finish, businesses can benefit from a one-stop supply chain solution in Pune.

+What are 3 main processes of a warehouse?

Here are the 3 main processes of a warehouse:

1. Receiving: The receiving process involves accepting and inspecting incoming goods, ensuring complete accuracy and quality.

2. Storage: The next significant warehousing process is storage. This includes strategically placing and organizing items in designated areas within the warehouse for easy accessibility.

3. Order Fulfillment: This process comprises picking, packing, and shipping products to meet customer orders, ensuring timely delivery.

At WELPL, our team is well-versed in optimizing these processes. Our state-of-the-art facilities and team of professionals ensure seamless execution, from receiving and storage to transportation and order fulfillment, contributing to the overall efficiency of the supply chain for our clients.

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