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Logistics Trade Exchange

Logistics Trade Exchange (LTX) is essentially an on-demand portal facilitating trade between different Industrial Logistics Parks. In the most inclusive sense, it is a community of industrial cooperation media. LTX is specially designed to manage the events and activities of ILPs across the cities. LTX helps all the establishments and companies in ILPs with Trade Promotion, Custom Clearance, Vendor Management, Skill Development and so much more. With our fully accessible business network, you can optimize your business operations, inventory management and supply chain sustainability. The portal offers a unified access point to handle logistics operations, transactions, share financial records with business associates, and get visibility across the whole supply chain network. LTX is a smart application for managing industrial and logistics operations. By connecting with LTX, you can reap the benefits of an integrated logistical platform that links entrepreneurs to facilitate intra-company collaborations and analytics.

Prominent Benefits

  •  Once you have been on boarded, you can connect with a large number of stakeholders and business associates from different Industrial Logistics Parks.
  •  LTX is an all in one portal for managing your integrated business operations, at cost-effective prices.
  •  With our advanced and robust network, you can improve the logistics processes of your organization.
  •  We provide factual data and contextual insights to help every workplace makes better decisions.
  •  You can find the most efficient methods to streamline logistical interaction and coordination.
trade icon$ 100 Bn+SCOPE OF TRADE
bussiness icon5K+ BusinessesCONNECTING
automotion service icon 50+ ServicesSERVICE AUTOMOTION

Key Features and Offerings

1. Organizing and Monitoring Orders

LTX enables you to keep a track of your transactions, orders, retail sales and deliveries. You can avoid costly operations and maintenance by informing associates about the variations in the plan. Furthermore, the network enables businesses to optimize their supply chain operations.

2. Real-time Visibility of Inventory

By integrating your business operations, you can enhance transparency, reliability, productivity, and resilience. Additionally, you can easily place an order for raw materials, equipments and other relevant tools. LTX provides enhanced multi-element tracking and transparency from the origin of raw materials to complete products.

3. Collaborative Logistics

LTX promotes collaborative logistics across the ILPs. Manage meetings and exchange information throughout the logistics system by working together on various levels. You can use real-time accessibility and transparency to your advantage. Collaborative approach helps to put everyone in the same path, and it results in a seamless user-experience. LTX also facilitates logistics investment in a simpler way.

4. Tender Management

LTX assists your business in eliminating complicated and time-demanding conventional tendering processes and establishing a streamlined procurement procedure. It is a web-based tool that enables buyers and sellers to communicate with one another and achieve the highest efficiency level in all elements of the procurement procedure. You can optimize your tender management processes with LTX!

5. Skill Development

LTX helps to expedite skill development with customized training, programs and sessions. Our skill enhancement solutions are meticulously designed to help existing and newly hired employees. Allow us to provide you with a completely integrated learning experience.

6. Employment and Job Opportunities

At LTX, the business corporations and organizations of logistics parks can post about the job openings and vacancies. Likewise, the desired candidates can apply to thousands of employment opportunities.

7. Automation of Business Operations

LTX helps to improve the ability to maintain and update the organization's operational processes, as well as transforming corporate strategies into real-world projects. Business functionalities and activities are intertwined and reliant on one another. LTX allows you to analyze, control, and automate your business practices. It aids in the transformation of corporate strategies into concrete, actionable projects. It allows you to drastically improve your operations while also seeing a positive impact on your bottom line. Any corporation must automate business operations in order to keep up with the competition.

LTX provides a wide range of value added solutions like Custom Clearance, Trade Management, Brand Advertising Vendor Management, Skill Development Programs, among others. With authentic compliance checks, it helps you to speed up supply chain procedures. It automates time-consuming and traditional processes to boost productivity. LTX helps to improve the efficiency of your logistics system by simplifying and streamlining trade operations.

LTX enables investors to explore the best investment opportunities with great returns. In recent times, Finance, Commercial, Real-estate Industrial and Logistics are the most popular investment sectors. Experts consider these sectors to be the best sectors to invest in India. If you are looking for the most reliable investment platform, then LTX is the answer! It is the best place for investing your money.

Logistics Trade Exchange is designed to make sure that trading activities are carried out in any part of the country, with ease. It is a smart technology governing everything- all the activities of industrial logistics parks. This portal intends to connect stakeholders, key parties, and business organizations on a unified platform. This will surely help in increasing the employment rate, enhancing trade relations, and assisting the country's transformation into a logistics hub. It will also provide a great insight into the investment opportunities in India. It will draw together numerous departments and organizations of the industrial logistics parks to link their businesses, and provide opportunities to grow. LTX will enable you to fulfill all your logistics and supply chain needs, thereby making your business successful!

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Our Latest Blogs

logistics technology
18 May 2022

Why Logistics Technology (Wms) Matters Now More Than Ever

There is no denying the fact that modern technology plays a significant role in the logistics industry. By incorporating the latest logistics technology, firms can effectively manage, predict, and replenish stocks and keep up with client demands. Businesses can improve delivery time and accuracy by using information technology in supply chain operations. Logistics is more important than ever in the post-COVID era for brands to survive turbulent social and economic environments, highlighting the importance of solid technological investment.

Retail, FMCG, and E-Commerce operations are putting a strain on all main modes of transportation, as well as the distribution centers and fulfillment operations that keep supply chains functioning. To stay abreast, tech-savvy logistics experts are employing more supply chain management software's and advanced technologies than ever before to effectively manage the growing complexity—especially now, as the globe emerges from one of the most turbulent eras in the century.

In this particular blog post, we will discuss why logistics automation and technology matters now more than ever before. Without much ado, let's get started.

Let's discuss some of the most recent logistical technologies:

1 Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is at the core of almost all logistical operations. Warehouse technology encompasses everything from automation, robots, to Warehouse Management Systems. As a result, today's modern warehouses are more flexible, responsive, productive, efficient, and labor-intensive. One of the most significant ways that technology has boosted productivity is through the utilization of a WMS. It is a technological software that is used to manage warehouse operations and stock movements. Furthermore, it facilitates improved material management. It efficiently handles storage, distribution, and movement of products. The most important thing to remember about any WMS system is that they provide a range of features that extend beyond standard inventory management, allowing them to solve a broader range of supply chain challenges such as digitization, storage, distribution, transpiration, and logistics. Furthermore, these systems can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a business.

As IoT technology spreads across the warehousing industry, WMS software becomes more important than it has ever been before.

2 Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation is another significant facet of warehouse technology. During the last few decades, robotic automation has grown rapidly around the world, with online shopping and fast-moving consumer goods employing it to speed assembly operations. To elaborate further, warehousing companies in India, particularly in the national capital, Delhi are leveraging automation technologies at a breakneck pace. Automation can benefit and improve your warehouse operations, thereby boosting your bottom line.

It is only a matter of time until this type of technology becomes extremely common in warehouse operations.

3 The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT technologies, that provide novel solutions to a variety of logistical issues, are currently being embraced more widely across the sector. IoT has significantly improved several facets of the logistics industry. Logistics companies across the country are implementing the latest technologies to streamline supply chain operations. For instance, logistical firms in Gurgaon, the tech-hub of the country, are embracing automation technologies to optimize their operations and enhance efficiency.

There are numerous advantages of implementing IoT technology, including higher operational efficiency, productivity, better asset and material management, and improved customer satisfaction.

4 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning, a type of AI Technology, is being used by logistics firms to optimize the supply chain operations and provide insights. Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly impact the global supply chains. This can be done by automating labor-intensive and error-prone manual activities. Due to technical developments on multiple fronts, logistics firms can now guarantee same-day delivery.

Bottom Line

Technology has changed dramatically in recent years, notably in the logistics industry. Every element of your supply chain benefits from a well-executed automated warehousing operation, giving you an advantage in the competitive marketplace. The time has come for logistics companies to leverage new technologies.

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