Powergrid & Energy

Warehousing Express is fully equipped with the increased demand for Warehouse,open yards, commissioning, on-site installation of assets & replacement of part and transportation capacity due to growth in repowering activity in the power grid, solar and wind energy sector. As the requirement for the said industry requires the transportation segment’s specific ability to ship odd dimensions, heavy to very small high-end components, Warehousing Express offers the end to end to tech-enabled strategic warehousing locations and logistics services.

As the round the clock electricity availability (24*7) and Smart Grids are the backbone infrastructure to enable new businesses like smart city, electric vehicles, smart communities apart from more resilient and efficient energy systems, We at Warehousing Express are helping the power grid, solar and wind energy businesses to install the towers and panels on the sites. We do project-based warehousing locations, transportation and site return management.

Recognizing the importance of the power sector transformation, WELPL has taken pioneering steps in bringing the cost-effective pre infrastructure and installation support logistics mechanisms and solutions for a valuable future power supply value chain & developed smart grid project across nation with heavy lift and heavy haul power grid, solar & wind energy transportation solutions, meeting all the flexibilities of the market.

Warehousing Express Group is also developing related services & infrastructure like energy storage, smart grid applications, forecasting of renewable generation, real-time monitoring, the establishment of renewable energy management centers, electric vehicles, investment etc.

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