Entertainment & Gaming

Live & on-demand are the pet words in the entertainment, event management and gaming industry. Warehousing Express addresses a series of evolving challenges like short transit cycles, handling of sensitive, heavy and high-value entertainment equipment, tools, furniture, gaming consoles and accessories with attention on event schedules.


We understand that a delay in performance results in losing a demanding audience base, impact on performance and risks the brand identity.

WELPL is an experienced freight forwarding and logistics company in India that helps theatre and dance groups, orchestras, gaming shows/centers, event co-coordinator, production manager with an array of technology-driven solutions so they dedicate their energy on production and performance while we take care of the rest. Our specialized logistic services in India focus on the timely shipping of your costly and sensitive gear and equipment to the scheduled destinations.

Here are our offering for entertainment and gaming sector:

  • Door to Door Logistics
  • Theater deliveries and Pick-ups
  • Pick and Pack and Transport
  • Storage of Promotional Items
  • Tilt / Press / Moisture Monitoring
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Plug-in / Plug-out Operations
  • Food & Beverages Transportation
  • Pick and Pack and Transport
  • Studio movements
  • Cinema Promotional Logistics (Standees/ Press-Kits/ One-Sheets etc)
  • Event Logistics for Special Events, Conventions and Festivals
  • Pick and Pack and Transport
  • Planning and Scheduling of dispatches to align with the Site requirements
  • Off-Site Loading and Offloading

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