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 Reduce Investment Through a Buy Not Build Approach

 Standardized System and Consistent Processes Across Network

 Reduce Fixed Costs Through Variable Storage and Resource Deployment

Industrial Logistics Parks

Touch the new heights of success at our world-class Industrial Logistics Park. Our multi-modal logistics park is surely a dream come true for enterprises to grow at a breakneck pace. We provide 360 degree support to boost the growth of several enterprises, startups and industrial sectors. We have envisioned a paradigm for manufacturing clusters that has the potential to excel. Our ILP is a perfect industrial location that fosters economic growth as part of the acclaimed Make in India government initiative. The MSME sector has boosted the economy of the country. Consequently, we intend to be the most ardent supporters of MSME firms. Undeniably, our Industrial and Logistics Park in India, is a hub to several corporations and a center for modern technology and innovation. It is the doorway to success and progress. ILP is a one-stop destination for all the business organizations to thrive!

A well-equipped area for storage, transportation, logistics, and distribution of goods is an absolute must for organizations to expand and flourish. Most companies require a suitable place near a mode of transportation, such as a road, an airport, or a port, for efficient distribution and inventory management. India is currently one of the world's largest developing economies. Despite this, the World Bank estimates that India's logistics costs are among the highest in the world. According to one study, India spends 14.4% of its GDP on logistics and transportation, compared to 8% for other emerging countries.

Wide-Range of Facilities

Being one of the most influential developers of massive industrial logistics parks, we have established a reputation for offering comprehensive solutions to business organizations. At our ILPs, we offer a wide spectrum of facilities like business growth opportunities, food courts, restaurants, hotels, skill development centers, warehouses, hospitals, and so much more! We intend to establish an ecosystem, where there are phenomenal growth opportunities. Book your ecosystem now and improve your life!

Key Features and Offerings

Here's a list of key features, offerings and amenities at our ILPs-

  •  Office spaces for companies.
  •  Factories.
  •  Hotels, Restaurants, Food Court, Guest House etc.
  •  Storage Spaces and Warehouses.
  •  Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Stores, First-aid centers.
  •  Skill development centers.
  •  Truck Booking.
  •  Security Block.
  •  Export House and Custom Clearance Center.
  •  Exhibition Center and Auditorium.
acres icon 50 Acres eachTOTAL 5 ILPS
square feet icon2 Mn + SqftEACH ILP
emplyment icon2100 Jobs/ILPEMPLOYMENT

Our Vision

To develop integrated industrial zones and facilities in significant and smart cities. We intend to assist small, medium and large enterprises, benefiting the economy and society as a whole, while also making a contribution to the nation's Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives.

Our Mission

We envision creating top-notch ILPs in the country. It is our primary goal to create thousands of employment opportunities, attract huge investments across the country and overseas.

  •  Collaboration and Teamwork
  •  Commitment
  •  Customer Satisfaction
  •  Reliability and Accountability
  •  Perfection and Excellence

Industrial Logistics Park with a Bright Future

Our ILP serves as a self-sustaining business hub for a variety of MSME firms. It is now the first choice of both contemporary and conventional entrepreneurs due to its large selection of customizable RCC constructions, PEB Sheds, Corporate Units, and Retail spaces. Not only do we offer conglomerates with a variety of workspaces, but it also provides comprehensive business solutions and facilities like accommodations, conference centers, staff housing, and more. Our ILP has its CEO, best-in-class departments like Finance department, HR department, Sales and Marketing team, that will work as a corporate office for all the business organizations in the ILP. We offer world-class consulting services to our clients at every stage of their operations. Our IPL is a contemporary place where MSMEs and SMEs may conduct their businesses efficiently. Our industrial parks typically range from 50 acres to 1,000 acres. We can assist businesses with everything that they need- be it manpower, funding, tender management, procurement, industrial warehousing, brand advertising, and marketing, among others. We have a special system Logistics Trade Exchange (LTX), wherein activities of all the logistics parks of the country can be managed. LTX is like a community of industrial cooperation media.

Highlights of the Project

  •  RCC and PEB Sheds that are well-planned.
  •  For unit owners, there is a designated parking space
  •  For logistical purposes, wide roadways.
  •  Compliance with fire safety regulations, 24/7 Security
  •  Electricity and water is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Benefits of our Industrial Logistics Parks

A logistics park is an incredible deal for anyone wishing to expand their business organization. With all of the amenities, managing demand and supply becomes much easier. We present you all with India's first multi-modal logistics park, equipped with state-of-the-art features. The following are some of the advantages of our Logistical Parks and how they can benefit various sectors as well as businesses.

1. Cutting-edge Facilities

Our ILPs are well-equipped with a variety of amenities, including enough office spaces, hotels, medical centers, warehouse spaces, a waste disposal system, readily available parking, conference halls, surveillance cameras, and more.

2. Accelerating Economic Growth

ILPs assist in the growth of firms, which benefits the economy. It also leads to an increase in employment as a result of expanding firms.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Our ILPs house several entrepreneurial ventures and assist them in acquiring a location for their business without having to spend a lot of money while still receiving all of the benefits, making it cost-effective for enterprises.

4. Connectivity and Accessibility

The majority of our logistics parks in India are located near modes of transportation such as roads, airports, ports, or train stations. They are also bordered by large roads, which make transportation and distribution of commodities easier.

5. Environmental Protection

For a more sustainable environment, several of our logistics parks make it a point to solely encourage non-polluting industries. We also cut down the number of trucks on the road, which improves the ecological integrity.

Why should you invest in ILPs?

People invest in ILPs for a variety of reasons, including getting a better return on their investment, saving time, and gaining personal freedom. You also get a consistent income, consistent cash flow, tax benefits, and financial power as a cherry on the cake. It ensures the possibility of long-term gains. And, unlike stocks and shares, logistics investment is always safe. It's been designed to adapt to your evolving tastes. There are numerous benefits of investing in a logistical park. Industrial and Logistics are surely the best sectors to invest in India, presently. If you are looking for a reliable, reputable, and stable asset that doesn't fluctuate on a daily basis, the industrial park is the place to go. It has always been in high demand for assured profits. There is no need for an explanation to show that industrial logistical land is the most profitable venture of all time. Therefore, all the entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and business owners looking for investment opportunities in India, should consider investing in ILPs. ILPs support investing India initiative for a better tomorrow.

Choose and lease the ideal industrial park for your requirements. We will certainly offer you the best investment opportunities. Furthermore, We can help you develop your business no matter what industry you are in. A logistics park is an ideal answer to a variety of concerns, from warehouse space to distribution center requirements. With the support of an efficient, safe, and cost-effective Industrial and Logistics Park, new clients and markets will be easily approachable. Get in touch with us to book an ecosystem for yourself and your business. Contact us today to know how our cutting-edge facilities can help your business.

We are determined to assist you in expediting the growth of your business.

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