Pharma & HealthCare

Warehousing Express's Pharma & Healthcare portfolio of services is dominated by our high degree of responsibility towards people, who require pharmaceutical products, medicines, herbal products or medical equipment. We ensure proper sanitation and safety, controlling the stable temperature in the warehouses, avoiding shortage of products, timely delivery of life-saving medicines. As the punctured package and product damage are some of the serious issues in transit, we comply with the statutory requirements of national markets when we act as a specialist partner.

WELPL understands the need for a holistic and meaningful association between patients, regulators and retailers for effective functioning of the pharmaceutical industry. We provide customized logistic and supply chain solutions for all types of medicines companies thereby helping them achieve compliance fast, address tight regulation deadlines, and confidently thrive in a competitive market with reduced risks and higher operating margins. We value the need of life saving entities and therefore deliver timely, high-end and transparent supply chain solutions that help them serve the society and nation better.

We provide customized logistics and supply chain solutions for all types of medicines & supplement companies thereby helping them achieve compliance fast and address tight regulation deadlines.

Here are our special CFA, warehousing and logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Life Saving Drugs
  • Critical Health Equipment
  • Laser Diode Equipment
  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Supplies
  • Health Records & Reports
  • Spare Parts etc.

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