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Warehouse in Bhiwandi

Bhiwandi is one of Mumbai's most significant suburban areas. The city is a major commercial and manufacturing hub that makes a significant contribution to the region's economy. It initially started as a textile-related industrial center, but it has now expanded to include other industries and logistics sectors. It is one of Asia's largest storage centres, with the world's largest godowns. In recent times, businesses and retailers are constantly looking for a warehouse in Bhiwandi where they can safely keep their inventory.

Warehousing Express is undoubtedly the best option available for all business firms searching for a warehouse in Bhiwandi. WELPL is certainly a leading Warehouse in Bhiwandi Mumbai. Consistent growth, technological advancements, and thorough planning are all values we consider important. It is our top priority to help organisations in enhancing productivity and reducing total costs.

Businesses in a variety of industries and segments leverage Warehousing Express's 3PL Storage and Distribution services. Our tech-enabled warehousing solutions are adaptable to the diverse needs of different enterprises. We assist businesses in selecting the appropriate warehouses from our Indian warehouse network, which are well-maintained, organised, and equipped with all of the necessary amenities to save operational expenses and ensure precise inventory management. Businesses come to us for On-Demand Warehousing services, Warehouse in Bhiwandi, Warehouse on Rent and Hire, 3PL services, Warehousing & Distribution facilities, 3PL Warehousing, Inventory Management, Outsourcing Warehouse Operations, Transportation, Last-mile Delivery, CFA services, and other related services.

Potential to Grow

To cater to different business needs, Warehousing Express always ensures a buffer space in all its warehouses to support sudden growth to the businesses without any hassle to shift.

Connectivity to Cities

All our warehouses in India are located closer to cities with proper transport and connectivity.

Support any size requirement

Warehousing Express provides warehouses with a minimum of 500 sq ft area and the size can be as large as client business preference and business needs.

Professionals with Digital Tools

With Warehousing Express's Digital transformation and with experts professional in all warehousing facilities, we assure businesses a professional service.

warehousing service in Bhiwandi

gurgaon Warehouse
Warehouse in Bhiwandi

Building No. E-10, Gala No. 12-16, Dapode, Bhiwandi, Thane – 421302

Total Sq.Ft.

Sq.Ft. In Process

Available Sq.Ft.
Warehouse in Bhiwandi

Building No. E-10, Gala No. 12-16, Hari Har Complex, Dapode, Bhiwandi, Thane – 421302

Total Sq.Ft.

Sq.Ft. In Process

Available Sq.Ft.

Why Choose Warehousing Express as 3PL Partner?

Warehousing Express not only takes the business for profit but also its services are an enabler to streamline the supply chain issues, WELPL has a large network of warehouse hubs in all major cities across India, using this base any business can easily touch the new heights of success and growth in their respective business segments or line of business. WELPL has taken various out of box initiatives to keep it a league apart from the competition by creating a CCI (Customer-Centric Initiatives) department which includes in-house dedicated technology team to compete with the current digital era, a dedicated transition team for smooth client onboarding, and a dedicated team of auditors for centralized inventory control across its network. WELPL regularly organizes training & knowledge sharing sessions for its team to keep them updated with the latest market trends and best practices.

On Demand Warehousing

 Cost-Effective Warehouse on Hire
 Live Inventory Management Login
 24*7 CCTV, Fire & Manned Security

 Best Material Handling Equipment
 Racks, Pallets, and Bins with WMS
 On-Demand Warehousing Support

 A Large 3PL Warehouse Network
 Transportation & 3PL Distribution
 Storage in SqFt and Pallet Position

Warehouse Services in Mumbai, Bhiwandi or Panvel

There are several warehousing & logistics companies in Bhiwandi Mumbai but Warehousing Express Logistics Private Limited has a fully operational warehouse and distribution center at Bhiwandi, Thane, Maharashtra in the outskirts of Mumbai which is called as the financial capital of India. Mumbai being a seaside city, it has huge volumes with millions of rupees of trade import and exports, freight forwarding and customs clearances happening every day as a by-product, it also has a huge demand for warehouses and transport services.

Warehousing Express is one of the best 3PL service providers in Mumbai. We are having a quality infrastructure with technology-enabled deep supply chain expertise in providing customized 3PL logistics services/ solutions to the Pharma, Food Ingredients, Medical Equipments, Grocery, Chemical & Plastic, Mobile, POS Machines, Consumer Durable, Fitness and Cosmetic Industries. Being one of the best warehousing & logistics companies in Bhiwandi Mumbai, we have highly experienced and trained professionals to manage the high number of SKUs, orders and inventory to support the continuously changing business requirements with live inventory and reporting systems.

Key Features and Offerings

Here's a rundown of the essential features and services that set us apart from the competitors in the market

  •  Assuring the material's safety.
  •  Inventory accuracy.
  •  Using the most effective inventory management methods.
  •  An ever-expanding warehouse network.
  •  Resources for manpower.
  •  State-of-the-art technology, software, systems and tools.
  •  3PL and 4PL solutions of the highest quality.
  •  Using the most effective business growth tactics.
  •  Customizable logistics services for a wide range of industries and companies.
  •  Our company's motto is client satisfaction!

Warehouse for Rent/ Lease in Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Panvel

Warehousing Express provides end to end third party logistics services in Bhiwandi Mumbai for your business. Our Bhiwandi warehouse has the state of art facilities to carry the logistics operations such as storage, transporting the goods from source to our Warehouse, Quality Check, Inward, Storage, Dispatch, Live Reports, Secondary Distribution and Transportation.

Warehouse for hire/ rent/ lease in Mumbai, Bhiwandi, Panvel is readily available with our WMS which provides real-time data access to our clients for their Inventory for all locations across WELPL locations and they can schedule the Daily MIS Reports on their emails as per their preferred timeline.

Our Warehouse/Godown in Bhiwandi Mumbai is strategically located close to and within accessible distance from the city and to support the long term storage needs. Please contact us if you are looking for the best third-party logistics services in Mumbai or any other city. Our team of professionals will leave no stone unturned in their quest to propel your company to new heights of success, profitability, and expansion.

How Do We Ensure Material Safety at Our Warehouse?

Warehousing Express’s security processes are centrally monitored and regular measures are taken to improve them. We use Pallets, HDR (Heavy Duty Racks), MHEs (Material Handling Equipment), Fumigation, proper cleaning of bags and boxes, Stackers, stairs to safe material handling and safety from water seepages, we use fire extinguisher and hydrants to safeguard the material from any potential fire threats, all our facilities are located near to roads with proper connectivity, CCTVs and security guards are always are there to secure the stocks kept in the warehouse. Team also supports with the pictures, narration of incident/s, and documentation in case any client wishes to apply for insurance claims.

warehouse in bhiwandi

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Frequently Asked Questions

+Why is Bhiwandi famous for warehouses?

Bhiwandi is renowned for its prominence in warehousing due to its strategic geographic location. Its proximity to major industrial hubs, markets, and transportation routes makes it an ideal choice for warehousing operations.

WELPL recognizes the significance of this location and operates a world-class warehouse in Bhiwandi. Our facility integrates the latest technologies and robust security systems to ensure the efficient and secure storage of goods. This strategic positioning allows us to provide top-notch logistical solutions, making Bhiwandi an essential hub for warehouses and WELPL a reliable 3PL partner for storage and logistics needs.

+Which type of warehouse is the best in Bhiwandi?

The best type of warehouse in Bhiwandi depends on your unique business needs and storage requirements. Choosing the right warehouse involves considering factors such as cost, location, inventory size, handling needs, and the nature of your products.

WELPL provides a wide range of warehouse services and storage options to cater to various verticals. Whether you require bulk storage, dedicated facilities, shared spaces, or temperature-controlled environments, our Bhiwandi warehouses are designed to meet your specific needs. Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and offer them top-notch logistics and warehousing solutions.

+What are the services of warehousing?

In essence, warehousing services encompass a series of essential activities that are integral to efficient supply chain management. These include receiving and inspecting incoming goods, inventory management, secure storage, order picking, packing, and shipping. Warehousing solutions also involve value-added services such as labeling, kitting, and quality checks.

WELPL provides a wide range of warehouse services to meet the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes and types. Our Bhiwandi warehouse and other warehouses in India are equipped with industry-leading technologies to ensure accuracy and security throughout the entire warehousing process. Whether you require storage, transportation, or order fulfillment, WELPL is your trusted 3PL partner for end-to-end warehousing solutions.

+What are the five main activities in a warehouse?

The five main activities in a warehouse include functions crucial for efficient supply chain operations. These are:

Receiving: This involves accepting incoming items, inspecting goods, and updating inventory levels.

Storage: Organizing and securely storing goods in a manner that facilitates easy retrieval and efficient inventory management.

Picking: Selecting specific items from the inventory to fulfill customer orders or move to another location.

Packing: Preparing and packaging products for shipment, ensuring they are secure and compliant with shipping regulations.

Shipping: Dispatching goods to customers or other destinations, ensuring timely delivery and order fulfillment.

WELPL excels in each of these operations, ensuring a well-optimized warehousing process. We manage all these activities in our Bhiwandi warehouse and all our warehouses in India.

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