Aviation & Automotive

With high standards of service levels (SLAs), Warehousing Express ensures the expedited service for parts for aircraft, space, and defense aviation, detailed and clear online visualization of 'track & trace' through our WMS and parts management system allowing streamlined billing, high-quality warehouse management services include Vendor-managed inventory (VMI), kitting service, just-in-time delivery and in-plant logistics.

Warehousing and transportation for supplementary materials including temperature-controlled and hazardous materials, parts inspection services and RMA control services, contain cost, confidently address changing customer demands, affordably manage risks, and gain from increased visibility. Being the fastest growing supply chain company we thrive to be the best in the competitive Indian Aviation market.

Warehousing Express is also providing sophisticated Logistics solutions to the automotive industry nationwide in India with a strategically designed logistics technology support for the ever-growing automotive industry. We follow international standards to deliver the best in class supply chain logistics for OEM manufacturers and automotive parts manufacturers involved in high-end production (Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.). We provide full support for sustained growth in the automotive industry with our continued QCD based improvement activities. Our logistics team is maintaining a consistent level of perfection across all functional levels, error proofing in core processes, delivering automotive parts at the right time to the right location (just-in-time), managing overstocked inventories and recalls, tracking expansions while maintaining growing compliance are all high-level challenges automotive industry often faces.

At Warehousing Express, we have an industry-wide experience delivering unparalleled, end-to-end solutions that help you achieve all desired milestones by eliminating unwanted delays between order and delivery of finished products, Improved visibility of vehicles in transit, the higher level of perfection in measuring the performance of all stakeholders.

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