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We all reside in an era of digitalization and it has struck us hard. We are a part of digitalization where if anyone around the world has any requirement, he/she will snap the phone out and search for a solution. People are lingering to their mobile devices rather than investing time in person. Well, it has given the right opportunities for businesses to take a leap and move forward in the revolution of digitalization. With digital marketing being the latest trend to promote the products and services to a wider range of audience, it has increased the responsibility of business owners to deliver the authenticity and credibility at a faster rate to the users. If you’re a B2B business owner or runs a medium/small-sized enterprise, then you must be aware of all the challenges that come along the way. Capacity management always becomes more difficult as you need to handle too much on your own especially when you want to focus on the maintenance and growth of the organization. The market demands for the far-reaching process and operations specifies warehousing and logistics services.

If you’re have welcomed digitalization to your business, then the requirement of delivering your services and products increases to a wider range of areas. To streamline the process and the faster delivery, all you need is to invest a few efforts to the third-party logistics service providers such as Warehousing Express. Third-party logistics allows you to use the resources and that is mostly unavailable in-house such as the resource network, saving time and money, on-going industry expertise, scalability and flexibility and the consecutive optimization of the resources used to result in increasing the efficiency of the business.

Warehousing Express has carved a way forward to all the businesses to join the digital revolution and grow the business in this upgrading competitive world by providing customized solutions that bridge the gaps between the actual requirement and the delivered requirement. it deals in different kinds of warehouse management services that offer fully- equipped and functional warehouse storage space for big as well as small-sized business.

Contract Logistics

Post Date/Time:-04/03/2021 at 2:40 PM

The Kind of Warehouse Management Services Offered by Warehousing Express That Helps Businesses to Be the Part of the Digital Revolution Are

Shared warehouse: It is cost-effective as customers pay only for the space utilized and the services opted.
Dedicated warehouse: Warehousing solutions that are tailored to customer’s needs and requirements.
Ambient warehouse: It focuses on the warehousing services that suit the cargo needs- the design and the size of the warehouse.
Temperature controlled warehouse: Temperature controlled warehouses for the cargo that needs to be sustained in the right environment.
Excise bonded warehouse: Custom-bonded warehouses where a duty fee is applicable until the cargo leaves the warehouse.

Warehousing Express delivers a new handling protocol i.e. contract logistics for the organizations that want to monitor and manage the overall on-going operations with live data access. With the inclusion of 4PL and 3PL service providers, it curates a value chain system that has a direct impact on areas like a production line, site warehousing, distribution plan, inventory management and the final distribution.

The Warehousing Express uses in-house WMS WE1 software that is smartly designed to develop a clear supply chain, inventory management, and automation from an eCommerce distribution to an aggregator of business of B2B or B2C domains. It enables easy warehouse inventory management; real-time reports availability and live WMS & movement tracking and these methodologies help every business owner to develop and maintain streamline operations.


Warehousing Express is putting more than a step in the digital revolution and has chiseled out a precise modus operandi that is helping businesses to move up and higher by delivering overall growth opportunities. Apart from the major services mentioned above such as warehouse storage, inventory management and automation, Warehousing Express is delivering in-plant operations, reverse logistics, commodities storage, CFA services, freight forwarding and more. These services help every business/organization to grow and generate higher revenue.


The post throws insights on how the Warehousing Express is providing a way to join and lead the digital revolution.

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18 May 2022

Why Logistics Technology (Wms) Matters Now More Than Ever

There is no denying the fact that modern technology plays a significant role in the logistics industry. By incorporating the latest logistics technology, firms can effectively manage, predict, and replenish stocks and keep up with client demands. Businesses can improve delivery time and accuracy by using information technology in supply chain operations. Logistics is more important than ever in the post-COVID era for brands to survive turbulent social and economic environments, highlighting the importance of solid technological investment.

Retail, FMCG, and E-Commerce operations are putting a strain on all main modes of transportation, as well as the distribution centers and fulfillment operations that keep supply chains functioning. To stay abreast, tech-savvy logistics experts are employing more supply chain management software's and advanced technologies than ever before to effectively manage the growing complexity—especially now, as the globe emerges from one of the most turbulent eras in the century.

In this particular blog post, we will discuss why logistics automation and technology matters now more than ever before. Without much ado, let's get started.

Let's discuss some of the most recent logistical technologies:

1 Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is at the core of almost all logistical operations. Warehouse technology encompasses everything from automation, robots, to Warehouse Management Systems. As a result, today's modern warehouses are more flexible, responsive, productive, efficient, and labor-intensive. One of the most significant ways that technology has boosted productivity is through the utilization of a WMS. It is a technological software that is used to manage warehouse operations and stock movements. Furthermore, it facilitates improved material management. It efficiently handles storage, distribution, and movement of products. The most important thing to remember about any WMS system is that they provide a range of features that extend beyond standard inventory management, allowing them to solve a broader range of supply chain challenges such as digitization, storage, distribution, transpiration, and logistics. Furthermore, these systems can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a business.

As IoT technology spreads across the warehousing industry, WMS software becomes more important than it has ever been before.

2 Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation is another significant facet of warehouse technology. During the last few decades, robotic automation has grown rapidly around the world, with online shopping and fast-moving consumer goods employing it to speed assembly operations. To elaborate further, warehousing companies in India, particularly in the national capital, Delhi are leveraging automation technologies at a breakneck pace. Automation can benefit and improve your warehouse operations, thereby boosting your bottom line.

It is only a matter of time until this type of technology becomes extremely common in warehouse operations.

3 The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT technologies, that provide novel solutions to a variety of logistical issues, are currently being embraced more widely across the sector. IoT has significantly improved several facets of the logistics industry. Logistics companies across the country are implementing the latest technologies to streamline supply chain operations. For instance, logistical firms in Gurgaon, the tech-hub of the country, are embracing automation technologies to optimize their operations and enhance efficiency.

There are numerous advantages of implementing IoT technology, including higher operational efficiency, productivity, better asset and material management, and improved customer satisfaction.

4 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine Learning, a type of AI Technology, is being used by logistics firms to optimize the supply chain operations and provide insights. Artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly impact the global supply chains. This can be done by automating labor-intensive and error-prone manual activities. Due to technical developments on multiple fronts, logistics firms can now guarantee same-day delivery.

Bottom Line

Technology has changed dramatically in recent years, notably in the logistics industry. Every element of your supply chain benefits from a well-executed automated warehousing operation, giving you an advantage in the competitive marketplace. The time has come for logistics companies to leverage new technologies.

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