At Warehousing Express, Our approach towards warehouse services, warehouse for rent, warehouse aggregator, transportation and distribution sets us apart from other logistics providers & warehousing companies in India. Our Warehouse services also include supply chain consulting offers to our customers who wish to set-up their own warehouse and supply chain network.

Our SCM network scientists, program managers and logistics experts are committed to create and offer innovative solutions that are focused on client challenges, we help our clients identify the best warehouse location, national/international supply chain network and transportation solutions based on their service levels, cost optimization and flexibility requirements. Our service offerings are strategically based on our knowledge of the local transport, labor, real-estate locations, resources availability and experience in optimizing the supply network.

We offer supply chain and optimization packages with unique analysis based on different complexity levels, detailed data requirements and scenarios as well as project duration, which positions us among the best warehousing companies in India. Our services framework helps in controlling and optimizing warehouse & logistics costs with the appropriate service rates and a competitive advantage for our clients.

Our technology-enabled and SOP driven transition procedure starts with the understanding the client needs, baseline analysis of their supply chain requirements & challenges faced by them during the day to day operations. We always design unique & customized solutions by mapping the current process & documenting warehouse services SOPs. Being one of the best warehousing companies in India, we use best in class security, safety, communication & in house developed reporting technology & systems. To tracks the performance of our warehouse services & transport/ distribution network, we have established KPIs within our WMS & logistics management IT systems.

We ensure that your storage and inventory management requirements are met while we provide real-time visibility to help you control your stock levels, more streamlined purchases, decision making and reduce your order cycle time. Our services also include various value-added services like:

  • Pick & Pack
  • Kitting
  • Scanning
  • Labelling
  • Bar Coding
  • RF security tags
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Parts Management
  • Reverse Logistics/ Return Management
  • Compliance Inspections

As a key player in warehouse & CFA services, Warehousing Express saves you valuable time and ensures you pay for the right capabilities at the right price in Contract logistics with us. Warehousing Express team & technology solutions support businesses in managing the complex project coordination, trade compliances and regulations. As a major 3PL warehousing company in India, we implement a digital logistics management system on your behalf to monitor your suppliers’ performance and stimulate continuous improvement. Our procurement team has knowledge of various trends, BPM technology, local & global business scenarios, which are the key elements to maximize the supply chain efficiency of your business. This especially adds value to today’s global and cost-sensitive business environment.

We value your business...